New Article: Publication Dysfunction

Announcing the publication of a new blog article about dysfunctional publication strategy by publishing consultant William Dunkerley.

New Britain, CT, February 21, 2010 --( In a new article, publishing consultant William Dunkerley discusses the mistakes that failing publications are making in this difficult economy. He discusses his experience with a publisher who had acquired a nonperforming local magazine.

In his assessment of the magazine's difficulties, Dunkerley shares four insights into why the publication was dysfunctional. These shortcomings included insufficient advertising potential in the magazine's area, no Web presence, a failure to assess which stories interested readers most, and a failure to assess the advertising market.

Dunkerley emphasizes the importance of selling advertising space and gaining a deeper comprehension of both readers and the ad market. These factors, his article asserts, help to link advertisers with the readers who will be most responsive to them.

Ultimately, he concludes, publishers should not "blunder through" difficult times but, instead, take the time to fine-tune their strategic approach and analyze their readers and ad market. The publications that make this effort will be the ones to regain strength in the wake of the recent recession.

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