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How to Deal with IRS Tax Audit – What If You Don’t Have a Tax Attorney?

Find out how to deal with IRS tax audits. These steps will walk you through what you need to do when you receive an audit notice.

San Diego, CA, March 08, 2010 --(PR.com)-- Have you received notice for a tax audit from the IRS? Are you prepared to deal with this legal matter? Most of the people hire tax attorneys to fight the issue. However, there are few people who think that they can deal with the IRS on their own. It is possible, but most of the time they find themselves in a mess just because of misinformation and little knowledge about work ethics of the IRS. For most people the main reason for not hiring any tax professional or tax attorney is to save money. Although tax attorneys and tax relief services can help you receive tax debt relief, you will still need to respond quickly to an IRS tax audit. If you’re looking for some tips to deal with an IRS audit, you can search them on the internet. However, most of the sites give advice that are quite impractical and only professionals can understand the jargon they are using while providing information. Here are some tested tips and practices provided by tax service professionals at Titan Tax Relief to help you deal with IRS tax audits. Titan Tax Relief is a full service tax firm which includes tax attorneys, IRS enrolled agents and certified public accountants. They have over 10 years of experience with tax debt help and have helped thousands of people save. For wage garnishment you can also visit FixWageGarnishment.com

Knowledge of your tax is required in order to face IRS agents with confidence. If you know what you are entitled to as a tax payer, you can challenge the decisions made by the agents. In case you find that the agent is not treating you in a fair manner, you can always speak to his or her manager. You will come across various books and articles while finding information on rights as a taxpayer. For authentic rights, you should browse through IRS publications for one that explains taxpayer’s rights. Once you’ve received the notice, organize your records as soon as possible.

If you’ve arranged all the documents such as IRS debt relief forms, your expenditure bills and invoices, this will make the auditor’s job easy and you gain more respect from him as you appear to be an organized person. Audit notice will have the questions about what information is required by the IRS. So, you can group all those documents together so that the auditor doesn’t need to dig hard. Auditors can review the asked issues easily. Whenever you’re in the middle of an audit, try to be direct. Just answer what the auditor is asking. Don’t give full access to the information, it might go against you. Always be prepared with the required documents, if you give your previous years’ documentation auditors would try to find some flaws in them even if your current year’s filing is cleared from any flaws.

While preparing for the tax audit, if you find that some of the documents are missing, try to arrange duplicate copies as soon as possible. Auditors will not consider any excuses for missing or lost documentation because they’re auditing to recover the money. Therefore, you’d need to submit the proof of deduction or pay the money. Always bring copies of all documents to the audit. If you submit original documents during the audit, you can expect misplacement of a document or two and the IRS will never take the responsibility of lost document. Dealing with tax audits on your own is not an easy task, but if you have all your documents ready and know about your tax rights, you are more likely to win the battle with IRS.

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