The Nutritional Foundation Announces a New Product Available Now for Sale, to Enable Anyone to Garden Organically, and Have Produce They Can be Proud Of

Jim Ellingson, President of the Nutritional Foundation For Well Being, has finally located a way of gardening organically that is more fun, and more effective--with more yield, and is also less expensive, as well as involving less work for the gardener. This is something he can endorse for the benefit of others who are interested in good health.

Los Angeles, CA, March 25, 2010 --( Springtime means many things for different people. In the Northern hemisphere, it often means a time to take advantage of warm weather and plant fruits, flowers, herbs and vegetables.

But for some aspiring gardeners, it means (unfortunately) getting out the tools and knuckling down to another year of shovelling dirt, applying fertilizer, watering, sowing seeds, weeding, battling the elements and the condition of the soil as well as the garden pests, all to get one's share of produce to eat and/or sell. Whew--a normal gardener can practically get tired before he starts out. Though many adventurous souls keep at it for the love of the earth, and the carrot (literally) at the end of the stick.

But here is the good news: In this day and age of the super-highway of information, one can sometimes find a gem of a product that teaches people how to do it differently and still have the tastiest fruits and veggies available anywhere--and at a fraction of the cost, and even a fraction of the effort normally associated with organic gardening. And that is not even mentioning the quality of organic fruits and veggies picked in their prime and brought into the home to be prepared raw or cooked, and consumed by a happy and grateful family.

Jim Ellingson, President of the Nutritional Foundation For Well Being has said: "We have been spreading the good word about improving people's health for a number of years. Finally we have found a product that makes sense for organic gardeners who want to grow their own, no matter what their degree of experience. Imagine finding an easy-to-understand e-book and a set of graphic videos that show people how to minimize their efforts and increase their yield, and all this with no sacrifice to the quality of what they harvest--at any time of year, in even harsh climates and in any soil conditions. We invite you to access this information and at a very decent price. The website is This way of gardening aligns with sustainable practices in a world that can use more alignment with natural methods."

Nutritional Foundation for Well Being
Jim Ellingson