Spring Has Sprung Onto the iPad

MobiStories, digital books, ebooks and book apps for kids released its first iPad app just in time for the launch of the device. This digital board book includes narration, music, sound effects and multiple puzzles on every page.

Doylestown, PA, April 02, 2010 --(PR.com)-- In the digital ebook world, spring has definitely sprung. Still Motion Media, the creator of MobiStories, digital books for kids just released its first iBook app developed for the new Apple iPad. With only a few days left before the iPads hit the streets Spring, by Chris Demarest is available and ready for an engaging and entertaining reading experience.

The MobiStory, already available for the iPhone, iTouch, PC and Mac computer, will look bigger and better than ever when viewed on the iPad. In addition to narration, music and sound effects, each page includes four puzzles. Tap the iPad and the illustration breaks into a selection of six, 12, 24 or 36 pieces. As a child drags the pieces back into it’s correct place a virtual audience will cheer. The puzzles are a great way for kids and adults to interact with the iPad enhancing both spatial and motor skills.

MobiStories are developed from existing published books. Each book is individually transformed into the digital space with the expertise of Hollywood veterans. “Our goal is to instill the joy of reading in young children,” commented Rick Toone, one of the founders and creative director of Still Motion Media. “To do this, we must look at each individual book to best determine what enhancements should be added to further immerse a child in the experience,” he continued. In this book, picture hints and shape hints were added in the hopes that even the youngest set will be able to figure out where each piece fits.

To expand the learning experience, the book is narrated in English and Spanish. The text is translated into these languages as well. And, with a special language selector, the reader can mix and match. For example, a child can hear the story in English while reading Spanish text.

The company already has several apps available for the iPhone with many more in production. “With what we do to a children’s picture book, the iPad is a fantastic device that will allow us to convey the actual look and feel of a book, while at the same time provide digital ‘enhancements’ to further indulge digital natives and stimulate creativity to the nth degree” commented Toone. A larger form factor and added technical abilities make creating books like the soon to be released MobiStories version of The Marvelous Toy a natural extension from the printed book. Christopher Kennedy, Still Motion Media’s audio producer likes to call them “Interactive Movie Books”. By that he equates a novel coming to life from the printed page to the theatre screen. With the addition of interactivity, MobiStories does the same with a children’s book.

So in true form “Spring” the first of four seasons books produced by MobiStories is making its iPad premier just in time for the outdoor season when Soccer Moms and Dads with children in tow now have an option to carry a library of interactive children’s books on one larger-screen device.

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Robert Budlow