EverLastĀ® Induction Lighting's New 'Green' Smart Light Series Cobra Head and Shoe Box Fixtures Utilize 80% Recycled Polycarbonate

Jackson, MI, April 04, 2010 --(PR.com)-- With ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) and Block Grant Funding available, municipalities across the country are looking for the most energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly alternatives to replace inefficient and outdated street lights while upholding the Buy American provisions as outlined by the ARRA. The search to finding the 'greenest' street and parking lot light fixtures ends with EverLast® Induction Lighting's new U.S. made Smart Light Series.

Two of the fixtures in the new EverLast® Smart Light Series are a Type III cobra head roadway fixture and an IP65 rated shoe box fixture. Both fixtures incorporate advanced recycled thermoplastic technologies. Each fixture body is composed of 80 percent recycled polycarbonate resin, making the EverLast® Smart Light Series the most environmentally conscious fixtures on the market while providing corrosion resistance.

Boasting an unprecedented 100,000 hour lamp life and unmatched optics, EverLast® Induction fixtures marry the benefits of induction lighting with the highest quality U.S. manufacturing and engineering. Utilizing a durable, polycarbonate housing offers the following benefits:

High Heat Resistance - The housing features a high Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT) under load of 271 degrees Fahrenheit. Induction lamps operate at a significantly lower temperature than traditional HPS and HID light sources, making induction technology the perfect candidate for polycarbonate housing.

Dimensional Stability and Low Uniform Shrinkage - EverLast® blends additional modifiers to promote structural integrity, dimensional stability and low uniform shrinkage. Inherent to polycarbonate is exceptional part consistency and light weight design elements.

UV Stability - The implementation of a UV/Weather package prevents yellowing for up to 25 years. Similar additives are commonly used by the telecommunication industry for outdoor polycarbonate enclosures.

Color Throughout - Unlike traditional fixture bodies made of aluminum housing, polycarbonate is color throughout, providing superior color consistency that will not rust or fade. The fixture color can also be adjusted by changing additives in the resin.

Impact Resistance - The fixtures offer outstanding impact resistance over a wide range of temperatures. From below freezing up to 257 degrees Fahrenheit, the impact stabilized polycarbonate is unsusceptible to cracking and scratching.

Corrosion Resistance - Inherent to polycarbonate technology is excellent corrosion and rust resistance. A housing made of polycarbonate is ideal for wet locations where salt, water, sunlight and other extreme elements are prevalent.

EverLast® Induction Lighting is a subsidiary of Full Spectrum Solutions, Inc. and has quickly grown into the leading manufacturer of energy-efficient lighting solutions for roadway, parking structure, facility and area lighting applications. For additional product information, visit www.everlastlight.com, call 888-383-7578, or email info@everlastlight.com. For press inquiries, contact Lindsey Edwards by phone at 517-990-3030 or email lindsey@everlastlight.com.

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