mumms® Hospice Software Increases Staff Efficiency with Third Party Interface Capabilities

New Orleans, LA, April 16, 2010 --( One of the many benefits of mumms® Software, the leading electronic health record (EHR) provider for hospice and palliative care, is its capability and corporate will to interface with any program that can import or export data. This means, if information that is already in the mumms® program needs to be sent or reported to another vendor or program, that information can be sent automatically from mumms® to that program. This increases staff productivity for users, as the information in mumms® does not need to be re-entered or faxed to the third party vendor. Likewise, information can be imported into the mumms® database from any other system or set of data.

mumms® currently offers established third party interfaces with DEYTA, EHO Rx, Hospice Pharmacia, HospiScript, MultiView, Inc. (CYMA), Outcome Resources, ProCare Rx, Qualis Management, and Wise Hospice Options. The mumms® Team is committed to providing the technology and convenience of third party interfaces with other leaders in the hospice community and is currently working with OnePoint Patient Care, Palliative Drug Care, and Strategic Healthcare Programs to establish these interfaces. Though these are some of the main vendors, mumms® can set up an interface with any vendor/software program needed, such as a local pharmacy, DME vendor, etc.

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About mumms® Software: mumms® Software is a multi-user medical management system that offers complete clinical and business software to the hospice community. Developed in 1989, mumms® Software is now used to track nearly 15,000 hospice patients daily across the country. mumms® has the most innovative software in this field and was the first to use the ASP (Application Software Provider) model. Its software is highly customizable and can meet the needs of any size hospice program. mumms® Software aids the hospice community in providing quality care to hospice patients during their final stage of life, while helping their families through the bereavement process.

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