Coins for Cows: Rixty Gives Social Gamers Best Value for Using Cash and Coins

San Francisco, CA, May 06, 2010 --( - At the Social Gaming Summit 2010, Rixty, a cash-based alternative payment system, today announced it has eliminated consumer fees associated with using cash to make virtual currency purchases in the most popular Facebook games.

- Using Rixty, it does not matter if players are building a farm, joining a mafia, or opening a virtual restaurant, they now get the best value for using cash and coins when buying items within these social games.

- Rixty now provides better value than other credit card alternatives, such as paying via mobile phone.

- Other cash-based payment systems still charge consumers a fee for each transaction, but now Rixty gives users the best value of their cash, helping gamers save money with their online entertainment.

- Some of the biggest consumers of social games (from teens to adults) often do not want to use credit cards either because they do not have them or prefer not to use them for micro-payments online. Rixty lets anyone pay for online games using the convenience of cash or coins – protecting their privacy, their credit score and their checking account.

- Rixty is a convenient, anonymous and economical way to pay for online entertainment with cash. It lets you control your spending, isn’t tied to your name and doesn’t require a contract.

- And beyond just turning cash into online currency, Rixty lets you use those unwanted coins sitting around every U.S. household. Take your coins to one of 20,000 Coinstar or Rixty retail locations to turn loose change into online fun.

- Rixty follows strict guidelines established by the Children’s Online Privacy and Protection Act (COPPA) and enforced by the FTC – making it the one cash-based payment system designed for the entire family.

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Executive Quotes

Attributable to Ted Sorom, Founder and CEO, Rixty:
- Consumers should not have to pay a fee for their cash purchases online. If you spend $12.99 you should get $12.99 worth of the things you buy. With Rixty, users no longer receive less than what they spend on social games – it’s a win all around for gamers with cash and coins and publishers looking to provide the best user experience.

Attributable to Joel Andren, VP, Community, Rixty:
- With every household holding about $90 in spare change, the gaming community is clamoring for a way to use it to pay for online entertainment. There’s a big group of people too young to get credit cards who are leading the Web culture, they deserve to be fully engaged in what’s going on and that means finding a way to turn cash into online currency.

Market Stats
- In a recent study, 29 percent of respondents reported they do not have a credit card – that is more than one in four people who are unable to fully participate in online games and entertainment
- Each U.S. household has approximately $90 in spare change
- $10 billion in coins sits idle in U.S. households
- 80 percent of teens and 94 percent of adults accumulate spare change
- More than 97 percent of teens play some type of social game

Relevant Rixty Stats
- The average Rixty social gamer spends $28 a month via Rixty
- Almost two-thirds of social gamers using Rixty are over the age 30

About Rixty
Rixty is an alternative payment system that lets you spend cash and coins for online games. Consumers can turn their spare coins into a Rixty code to be used in a variety of online games at any of the 20,000 Coinstar kiosks and retail locations nationwide. By making it easy for cash-based consumers to spend money on online games and entertainment, Rixty helps publishers increase sales, enable new business models and attract customers through a safe and flexible way to play online. Founded in 2007, Rixty is based in San Francisco and funded by Javelin Venture Partners and First Round Capital. For more information about Rixty or to get Rixty near you, please go to

Adrienne DuComb