PS3 Set to Dramatically Increase Console Sales with the Release of Playstation Move, Predicts Leading Australian Games Retailer, Game Cow

The impending release of the Playstation Move in Australia looks set to be met with a marked increase in sales for Sony and will finally create a worthy rival to Nintendo Wii, according to games retailer, Game Cow.

Sydney, Australia, June 23, 2010 --( The Nintendo Wii has been regarded in the four years since its release as the true console gaming innovator, while Sony and Microsoft's graphics and hardware quality have been regarded as superior. Melbourne console gaming specialists, Gamecow, believe that is about to change with the release of the Playstation Move controller in September this year.

Sony will release the first major challenger to the Wii motion controller this year, the Playstation Move. Owner and Managing Director of Game Cow, Monique Reibelt explains, "Though the Wii has been the top selling console of late, many gamers still prefer visual and technical quality that Sony offers. It is definitely possible that PS3 offering may actually outsell the Wii, in time."

The major points of difference between the Playstation Move and Nintendo Wii is the ability to interact with the games along the Z-axis as well as X and Y in real space, and the vastly improved definition compared to Nintendo Wii.

Local pricing for the Playstation Move was released on June 16:

The Move Motion controller itself will cost AU$70
The Move navigation controller will cost $50
A Playstation Move Bundle will cost $100 and include a Move Motion Controller, A Playstation Eye USB Camera and a Playstation Move Demo Disk

As of January 2010, the Nintendo Wii had sold over 1.7 million consoles in Australia, compared to Xbox's 850,000 and Playstation 3's 770,000. As Mrs Reibelt says, "Sony has seen the success that Nintendo have had with their motion controllers. Now PS3 owners are going to experience the same interactive gaming with high definition graphics." Game Cow are preparing for the impending release of the Playstation Move with orders for the PS3 console, accessories and games already being placed. "There is definitely hype surrounding the Playstation Move's release, we are already receiving calls and questions from a huge number of people."

Currently, only 15% of Playstation owners are aware that the Move controller exists. "There will be a massive uptake once word gets out about the Move controller, no doubt Sony will precede the release with a large advertising camapign and the fact that you don’t need to buy a new console to use it is a big advantage over the Wii," said Mrs. Reibelt.

"The enormous graphics improvement for the Playstation 3, coupled with available upgrades like the 3D feature, mean that the Move is set to overtake the games market. It won’t happen overnight, but it seems like an inevitable occurrence," Ms. Reibelt continued.

A recent study by Warner Bros showed that 'game snacking,' gaming for half an hour or less per day, stimulates the imagination and offers stress and boredom relief. Ms. Reibelt said "Playstation Move provides some much-needed competition in that 'game snacking' market, and ultimately consumers win."

Game titles for the Playstation Move controller haven't yet been announced, but Sony demonstrated several US titles at the E3 conference in mid-June, including Singstar, Heavy Rain, Tiger Woods PGA Tour and Toy Story 3, all of which Game Cow will also be stocking.

About Gamecow:

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