Bike-Dreams Organises "the Timbuktu Tour," a Cycling Expedition to a Mysterious Place

After successful bicycle expeditions like "Paris-Dakar by Bike" (7.200 km) and "The Andes Trail" (11.000 km) organises Bike-Dreams a new challenging bike race/expedition, called "The Timbuktu Tour."

Bike-Dreams Organises "the Timbuktu Tour," a Cycling Expedition to a Mysterious Place
Roermond, Netherlands, July 28, 2010 --( Timbuktu. Everyone has heard about it, but where is it? Does Timbuktu exist or is it only a place in everyone’s imagination? And if it exists, how do you get there? Is it doable by bicycle? All questions which can be answered at the end of the expedition of 4.500 kilometers.

The start is near Dakar, the capital of Senegal. Baobab trees and little thatched huts dominate the landscape in the first part of the tour. The African rhythm takes possession of the cyclists. They feel, smell, taste and experience Africa in all her aspects. Whistling birds, local tribes with centuries old traditions, national parks with elephants, hippos and rhinos, mud brick mosques and colourful sunsets characterize the journey through West Africa. The green banks of the Senegal, Gambia and Niger River are alternated with the dry Sahel landscapes of Mali and Burkina Faso. An amazing variety of flora and fauna is coming back in the lush rainforest of Ghana, where the finish is drawn near the capital Accra.

"The Timbuktu Tour" is divided into 44 stages with an average of about 100 kilometers a day. The road conditions are a mix of paved roads, hard pistes, gravel and sandy tracks. One-third of the total distance is unpaved. 15 days are planned to take a well deserved rest and for a three day transfer over the Niger River by ferry.

The accommodation is a combination of campsites, temporary camps along the road and occasionally a hotel is waiting. Special designed trucks support the tour to transport all equipment.

The participants cover the distance within their own capabilities and in a pace they determine. This means that they can compete with the others and try to cover the distance as fast as possible, so that there is finally a winner at the shores of the Gulf of Guinea. Cyclists can also choose to take it easy and enjoy the beauty of the West Africa. The pioneers of the first edition encounter unexpected situations, but get also a lot of respect from the African people along route. This is Africa. It’s the deep heart of Africa.

The expeditions brings the riders to a place where they have never been before, over roads where they have never been before, and in conditions where they have never been before.

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