Berkshire Products, Inc. Now Shipping a New PCIe Express PC Watchdog Timer

This new product release was made as part of Berkshire Products' commitment to enhanced customer satisfaction. Berkshire Products is recognized as an innovative computer hardware company focused on OS Watchdog timer solutions.

Berkshire Products, Inc. Now Shipping a New PCIe Express PC Watchdog Timer
Atlanta, GA, September 22, 2010 --( Berkshire Products, Inc., a computer hardware design and manufacturing company, today announced that it is now shipping a totally new version of a PC Watchdog timer. This new product release is made as part of Berkshire Products commitment to enhanced customer satisfaction.

The PCIe Express PC Watchdog is an all new design that works with the PCI Express bus found in newer computers. The board includes all the watchdog features found in the other products offered by Berkshire Products including the enhanced I/O capability offered in the company's current PCI PC Watchdog.

The board features a 1X PCI Express connector that will work in all PCIe slots from 1X to 16X. It meets the PCI MD1 size specification for a low-profile form factor and it is available with standard PC or low-profile type computer case brackets.

It is fully supported by the standard support programs shipped with the Berkshire Watchdog products. The common interface API for programmers has been updated to fully support features of this new Watchdog timer board.

The PICe PC Watchdog is available and shipping from stock.

About Berkshire Products, Inc.
Berkshire Products, Inc. is a Georgia corporation involved in the design and manufacture of computer oriented hardware and custom embedded solutions since 1990. The company has been designing and manufacturing versions of hardware OS Watchdog timers since 1995. The Berkshire PC Watchdog timer products have continued to evolve and feature improved functionality, permitting companies to enhance the reliability of their computer system offerings and protect against malfunctions and lock ups.

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Alice Trane - Marketing Director