Magical Christmas Story Inspires Author to Create “The Formula” - An Online Workshop to Help Others in Transition Re-Invent Their Lives

Sometimes magic really does happen. It happened to psychic author Montana Gray when her muse gifted her with a Magical Christmas Story that would change her life and ultimately help change the lives of others who have experienced major life transitions. The result of that Christmas story is “The Formula” Workshop – a workshop that combines knowledge from Quantum Physics, Science and Spirituality to help anyone truly re-invent themselves – regardless of their current circumstances.

Costa Mesa, CA, January 10, 2007 --( Montana Gray, creator of “The Formula” Workshop, states: “I know what it feels like to have to re-invent yourself. A few years ago, I was owner of a large financial due diligence firm; then life changed. I experienced a series of huge losses. The journey from my “old life” to my new one was not easy. Then, two weeks before Christmas 2006 my muse wrote a beautiful story that answered my question: "How best can I help others in transition?" From that story, "The Formula" workshop was born.

“The Formula” Workshop is a fabulous collection of tools and information that will help anyone move through transition and make change a joyful journey. It will also provide a wonderful support system for the participants – so they do not have to make this journey alone. Workshop details may be found at:

The Formula Workshop is a 4 week E-Course, complete with personal coaching, life changing exercises, and tools and information that work together to create lasting positive change. Beginning with the very important message that everyone is worth a fabulous, well crafted, abundant life.

The Formula Workshop offers tangible, proven tools to transition OUT OF transition, into a self-architected life that is in alignment with one’s true passions, and provides deep personal satisfaction. Montana states: “The way the story was given to me was truly magic – now I want to share that magic with others.” Read the Magical Christmas Story - it will warm your heart.

Montana Gray
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