BrotherGiveaway: Getting Duly Authorized Software for Free is Not a Dream

BrotherGiveaway will be giving away duly authorized software to contest participants.

Beijing, China, December 01, 2010 --( The BrotherGiveaway means a give away is granted every day. BrotherGiveaway will select a copyrighted software and provide users with the valid download link and activation code or serial number within 24 hours. Thereafter the user can get it and use it all the time.

What do users receive from BrotherGiveaway?

1. High Update Frequency
BrotherGiveaway will select a new copyrighted software everyday and users can download it within a limited time.

2. High Autonomy
Users can provide feedback via the “contact us” tool. For example, if there is a software you need and like but are unable to obtain it because the software is expensive, BrotherGiveaway will work with the author of the software to provide it for free.

3. Reminder Timeliness
BrotherGiveaway will send users updated news if you subscribe to the BrotherGiveaway newsletter, which provides the latest giveaway news every day.

What do developers get from BrotherGiveaway?

1. A Free extension platform
BrotherGiveaway provides developers with a free extension platform to publicize their own productions and the chance for users to try their software. This will expand the company's popularity faster and vaster. And more and more users will know your company.

2. Real and valued market feedback and user experience
At the same time developers will receive more real and valued market feedback and user use experience from the BrotherGiveaway. Thereby helping to improve production and the company as a whole.

3. One more extra extension chance
If you cooperate with BrotherGiveaway, developers will get an extension chance on Brothersoft to publicize their production. In addition, BrotherGiveaway will publicize a developer's production and company with other media tools.

More than 100 software development companies have cooperated with BrotherGiveaway. And now the categories include: Audio & Video, Business, Communications, Design & Photo Desktop Enhancements, Developer Tools, Education, etc. And BrotherGiveaway will supply users with free game applications in the near future.

About us
BrotherGiveaway, a branch of Every day we offer one shareware, which is absolutely practical, safe and useful.

Brothersoft provides absolutely free sharewares. All the shareware at the Brothersoft Giveaway are offered as a fully functional version for users to download for 24 hours. In other words, the shareware here, is not a trial, not a limited version – but a registered and legal version of the software will be free for our visitors. The download links on this site will be effective for a certain period. Meanwhile, shareware reviews and the information about other products from the publisher presenting the giveaway title, on the product line, will stay active even after the Giveaway period. We will pay the software publisher for the Giveaway license to offer our visitors legal and free downloading service for a special verification program and agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, thus protecting the software publishers’ interests and making our initiative beneficial for both clients and publishing companies. To satisfy the customers' needs, different select shareware will be releasing every day. We not only make faultless solution possible, but also advocate protecting software vendors’ interests, making our initiative beneficial for both clients and vendors.

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Toby Xu