Brothersoft & I Christmas Event Offers Free Amazon Gift Card

Christmas is almost upon us again. Brothersoft has organized a special contest for all Brothersoft fans before Christmas. Just take a picture of yourself at “brothersoft & I” and upload to Brothersoft's Events share board. Brothersoft fans will be able to vote for any picture by... - December 14, 2011 Releases Their Software Q&A Community Section on August 1st, 2011 provides users with a platform in which they can share their valuable experience and discuss the best software solutions. - August 03, 2011 Release the AMD Catalyst™ 11.3, one of the Internet’s top three most popular software download sites release the AMD Catalys 11.3. ( release) as a part of channels provide users with free drivers download, Windows 7 drivers, printer drivers, notebook drivers, etc. - April 19, 2011

Brothersoft Announces 17 Recommendable Security Software Programs for 2011

Today, the Internet is full of security software options. Consequently, Brothersoft provides the following list of their top 17 recommended security software programs as a reference for users to simplify their selection process. - March 04, 2011 to Release Panda Cloud Antivirus PRO provides a solution for people assailed by troublesome malware and PC viruses. offers Panda Cloud Antivirus PRO, for $0.99 (original price of $29.95), from February 28th to March 2. is a branch of that features a daily deal on software for its... - March 01, 2011

BrotherSoft Mac: New Step, New Stage

2010 is another big year for Apple. iPad, iPhone 4, a new lineup of iPods, new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro - all these new products and updates created a new Apple boom. More and more people have joined the Apple family. - December 23, 2010

BrotherGiveaway: Getting Duly Authorized Software for Free is Not a Dream

BrotherGiveaway will be giving away duly authorized software to contest participants. - December 01, 2010 Released News Channel on October 30th 2010

Brothersoft released the Brothersoft News Channel based on market and user demand. It will provide users with a News platform which is professional and contains the brand specific character of Brothersoft. The most important feature is that it was created in accordance with user demand. The reader will get 20 pieces of the latest news everyday and 3-5 detailed industry reports every week from it. - November 15, 2010

Brothersoft Invites You to Join Them on Facebook and Twitter

Brothersoft shares the latest news on software technology and evaluates new E-merchandise with more than 55,490 fans on Brothersoft facebook and 3,690 followers on brothersoft Twitter everyday. They can talk freely about any topic, recommend news to their friends and make some new friends with similar interests. - September 20, 2010

Brothersoft Launches Autumn PPD Sales Promotion

The Brothersoft Autumn PPD Sales Promotion will be launched on September 10th 2010, as a reward for the support of Brothersoft’s authors. The authors that join will receive huge preferential treatments from this promotion. - September 10, 2010

Brothersoft Forecasts 3D Tech to be Extensively Used in Sports Events Broadcasting After 2010 World Cup

The 2010 World Cup is certainly fixed to be the 3D event of the year. With a global audience of billions and with 3D broadcast standards finally in full swing, even guys who have never watched a soccer game in their lives will probably tune in out of curiosity. Brothersoft, a leading software... - June 24, 2010

Brothersoft Releases News Channel on May 31st

Brothersoft Releases News Channel on May 31st, a leading software download portal, launched its News Channel with an entirely new consumer-oriented design on May 31st. It is the first time Brothersoft News was introduced to users. Along with the gradually warming software download market, more and more software... - May 31, 2010

Brothersoft Unveiled Top 5 World Cup 2010 Games for Football Fans

Every four years, in June, 32 teams from different countries assemble for the world's greatest international soccer event called The World Cup. Every player will show their passion for football at The World Cup 2010. For football fans, how will they pass the enormous break of 2-3 hours between some... - May 28, 2010

Brothersoft Launches Its Browser Games Channel on May 25th

Brothersoft, a leading software download portal, announced the release of its new channel Browser Games on May 25th 2010. Accompanying the growing Browser Games market, numerous internationally renowned developers join the ranks of Browser Games’ research and development as Browser Games... - May 27, 2010

Brothersoft Reveals Software Used in Making of 3D Movie Avatar

Brothersoft, a leading software download portal, today releases a special index about the software used in the making of Avatar for 3D Movie fans. The software index covers the 21 software titles and 15 of the companies credited for the visual effects in Avatar, which has captured the imagination... - May 07, 2010

Brothersoft Releases the March Report of Mobile Games Software Industry

Mobile owners tend to download Sport Games with great frequency, taking about 33% of the total mobile games downloads quantity; while puzzle games only take 8% with the largest quantity of downloads. - May 06, 2010

Brothersoft PPD Service Introduces Spring Special Offer

Brothersoft PPD Service Introduces Spring Special Offer

Experience Quality Brothersoft PPD Service Now with a Bonus - March 19, 2010

Brothersoft Survey Reveals Social Games Phenomenon

Brothersoft Survey Reveals Social Games Phenomenon

Survey by Brothersoft provides insight into social gaming; utilization of third-party gaming tools is increasing dramatically. - March 16, 2010

Brothersoft Launches a Website Brand Survey to Improve the Software Download Experience

Brothersoft Launches a Website Brand Survey to Improve the Software Download Experience

Brothersoft, a leading software download portal, launched today its Brothersoft Website Brand Survey to listen to software fans’ suggestions and improve the software download experience. - February 10, 2010

Brothersoft Seeks Media Partners to Expand Business invites news and media to participate in Brothersoft Media Partners Project to expand opportunities in international software industry. - January 16, 2010

Brothersoft Launched New Mac Channel to Offer More Professional MAC Software Download Services

Brothersoft, a leading software download portal, is pleased to announce that its new Mac channel has launched providing Mac fans with safer and faster high-quality Mac software download services. - January 06, 2010

Brothersoft Ranked Top4 Fast-Growing Site Among 50 US Ones in October

Brothersoft, a leading software download portal, today announced that it has ranked as the TOP4 fast-growing website among 50 US stations in October. - December 06, 2009

Brothersoft Plans Annual Software Awards for 2008

Brothersoft, a leading software download portal begins to plan its annual software Awards of 2008, listing best downloads, most popular classic software, most welcomed new software, best freeware and more. - January 02, 2009

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