Domainer Rick Waters of Webcast1 Speaks at the Rocky Mountain Domain Conference

Rocky Mountain Domain Conference in Denver highlights timely information on domain issues from Google's recent algorithm changes to the new gTLD domain name extensions

Domainer Rick Waters of Webcast1 Speaks at the Rocky Mountain Domain Conference
Denver, CO, March 01, 2011 --( Representing the Web development and design boutique,, Rick Waters began by proposing that the value of .com may be dropping while new domain extension values such as .co are on the rise. Mr. Waters called these new extensions “potential game-changers.” Citing website audience leakage to Facebook, Twitter, and mobile apps, and pointing out an increased acceptance of newer extensions such as .tv and .co, Mr. Waters said the looming release of additional gTLDs onto the market may be the proverbial straw that breaks the value of .com, which is already facing poor auction results.

Mr. Waters followed with a presentation titled the “7 Steps of Premium Domain Development,” in which he outlined the essential steps that owners of one and two word “premium” domains should take in developing a world-class website. He used as an example and presented as an example of 'hybrid' premium website development. incorporates social commerce and celebrity shopping into a new form of website hybrid.

Following Mr. Waters, Domain Holding's CEO, Jason Boshoff, gave a rousing talk on why development is the only way to ensure the increase in the value of a domain. Mr. Boshoff noted what large players such as Demand Media and Internet Brands are up to and gave the conference an update on the Rapid Site Builder system.

Braden Pollock spoke on vertically integrated domain channels such as his DUI network, and touched on why parking revenues are declining and how other "monetization" models bring domainers closer to the money.'s Bill Mushkin gave an entertaining lecture titled “Facebook's Daughter” on the history of the concept of “naming” and why domainers need to be aware of other digital naming conventions such as those of Twitter, Facebook, Apps, etc.

Mimi Rupp of the Kenyon and Kenyon law firm gave some insightful tips on Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy proofing (protecting yourself from UDRP actions).

Annalisa Roger of the Dot Green registry provided updates on the .Green gTLD application and discussed why domainers should be very cognizant of the emergence of new gTLDs.

Abdu Tarabichi gave a talk on domain buying and selling strategies that have made him a successful domain broker and reseller. Mr. Tarabichi's talk included tips on how to write and respond to sales emails, timing of contact and the process of researching and learning about the person or company with whom you are transacting.

Adam Torkildson gave an insightful speech on SEO tactics for domain developers including treating your domain as a "brand," social media and capturing data.

The event was held at a gorgeous Victorian mansion (which is actually the home of the Russian Consulate of Denver), where the attendees of the RMDC were treated with fine Western hospitality by Mike Law and his staff. This unique setting gave this regional domain conference a special character and the warmth of the building put attendees and speakers at ease.

The RMDC was “a timely, informative and entertaining conference in a terrific setting,” said Mr. Waters. “By far the best regional domain conference. I look forward to attending next year.”

Bryan Falla