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American West - Building Energy Efficient New Homes

American West - Building Energy Efficient New Homes
Las Vegas, NV, April 27, 2011 --( American West, one of the nation’s largest private homebuilders located in Las Vegas, Nevada is focused on building energy efficient homes with sustainable materials and features that matter to their homebuyer’s and their families. American West’s energy-efficient building materials and building process demonstrates not only a commitment to excellence but also a respect for the environment. In an American West new home, homebuyer’s will have greater comfort, higher quality, a smaller carbon footprint and reduced energy bills.

Every American West home is ENERGY STAR® and NV Energy Plus certified. The builder’s philosophy is, why stop at just ENERGY STAR®? American West builds to NV Energy Plus® standards which exceeds ENERGY STAR® by 30%. A NV Energy Plus® home uses less energy, is more energy-efficient and results in a more comfortable home. The appliances are also ENERGY STAR® rated. These industry-leading, super-efficient appliances help conserve energy and money while doing everyday tasks.

American West continues their commitment to energy efficiency by including vinyl-framed, dual-paned, low e-windows and sliding glass doors in their new homes. These efficient windows and sliding glass doors help to keep heat out in the summer (reduce A/C) and heat in during the winter (reduce furnace). The placement of the windows in the home also helps reduce the usage and reliance of artificial lighting. The fully insulated fiberglass front door was carefully chosen, not just for its looks, but for its impact. The materials help limit heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter. In addition, they utilize post-industrial wood chips and recycled materials to help lessen their impact on the environment.

Energy costs in Las Vegas are a concern for everyone when temperatures in the summer months easily reach over 100 degrees. The 14 S.E.E.R. HVAC in American West’s homes exceed the National Standard for energy efficiency. This advance system also utilizes ozone layer-friendly, environmentally sound Puron® refrigerant, which helps protect the air you breathe and limits the amount of greenhouse gas released in the air. The builder also installs programmable setback thermostats which studies show can save households up to 25% in energy costs. The advanced energy saving material of the radiant-barrier roof sheathing minimizes the heat gain in the summer and reduces energy usage in the winter. This unique feature can only be found in new homes. All these included features help reduce the energy costs in both the summer and winter months.

Water conservation is a global issue and American West takes this into consideration in their new homes. The water-conserving Moen® faucets and showerheads help conserve resources which helps eliminate wasteful water flow. These plumbing fixtures not only help reduce homeowner’s monthly bills, they also help conserve precious water for future generations. The advanced feature of a tank-less water heater allows for an endless supply of hot water. As well as saving water, it helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by only heating the water when you’re using it. The builder also provides their homebuyer’s with water-saving professional landscape designs that utilize natural materials and efficient water-saving designs. The beautiful yards reduce wasteful watering and promote a healthier planet.

American West is committed to not only building the home of their homebuyer’s dreams, but to do so in an environmentally sensitive way.

As one of the nation’s most successful privately owned homebuilders, American West has been providing homes for the families of Southern Nevada since 1984. From innovative design and superior construction, to homeowner satisfaction, American West’s homes offer exceptional quality and the best value per square foot of any home builder in Southern Nevada. American West has also accumulated over 200 local and national building awards including the national ACE Award, which recognizes American West as the Number One Home Builder in America in terms of construction excellence. American West’s new home designs range from 1,216 to 4,770 square feet with up to 6 bedrooms.

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