9 Reasons to Choose a Privacy Fence for Your Home

Annapolis, MD, April 05, 2011 --(PR.com)-- As more homeowners choose to install privacy fences to help secure their property and lower insurance premiums, having clear definitions about the purpose of the fence will help with determining the material and style of the fence. Long® Fence, one of the largest residential fencing contractors on the East Coast, offers nine reasons to consider a privacy fence for your home. By ranking the following reasons in order of importance, homeowners will gain greater insight into the right fencing choice for their lifestyle.

1. Set boundaries. Property definition leaves no question as to what features belong to which property owner.

2. Add beauty. A privacy fence will create a solid backdrop to your yard, blocking out views of neighboring yards, businesses or the street. Fences can also help define your landscape. Planting flowers or trees along the edge of a fence will add beauty and serenity to your outdoor living space.

3. Safeguard ponds and pools. If your property contains a water feature like a garden pond or pool, then privacy fencing is likely a must for safety reasons alone. Some jurisdictions require specific heights or styles of fencing to meet local pool codes. A reputable fencing contractor will have knowledge of the codes that apply to your situation.

4. Animal control. Keeping pets in and keeping other animals out is a top reason to install a fence.

5. Privacy. If privacy is a concern, a fence can be an indispensable border between you and inquisitive neighbors or passers-by. Whether entertaining, sunbathing or gardening, a privacy fence can protect you from prying eyes and keep your business your own.

6. Security. Properties with easy access that likely contain high-value items are the first target of thieves. Any fence will provide a measure of security, but a privacy fence will make it more difficult to discern if there are valuable items on the premises plus it is harder to climb.

7. Windbreak. If you live in an open area with few other houses or trees around, a privacy fence can provide an excellent windbreak.

8. Garden Enhancement. Fences also make great supports for climbing plants and vines. They give the gardener more room to grow, especially in small gardening spaces.

9. Investment. A durable and well-built privacy fence may add to the value of your property. Investing in a well thought-out design with quality materials can increase the marketability of your property should you wish to sell your house.

Proper installation and the right type of fence is key to a fence that will give you years of service and enjoyment.

Styles of Privacy Fencing
Long® Fence offers many styles of privacy fencing to address the needs of most homeowners. Wood and vinyl are the predominant materials used for privacy fencing and offer different levels of maintenance.

“Low maintenance vinyl is one of our most popular sellers now,” said Barry Kishter, residential sales manager of Long® Fence. “Our Hillside style gives complete privacy, plus it’s rackable to fit almost any terrain. Topped with optional lattice makes it one of the prettiest fences around.”

About Long® Fence

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