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StreamSend to Email Marketers: Crank Up Your Email Marketing Campaigns

StreamSend names seven steps businesses should take to maximize the value from their email marketing campaigns.

Sacramento, CA, April 18, 2011 --(PR.com)-- StreamSend, a leading email marketing software provider, has named seven steps businesses should take to maximize the value from their email marketing campaigns.

“With an efficient email marketing software package to help crank up your campaigns, you will achieve a better return on investment than more traditional marketing campaigns, including print, radio and television advertising,” said Dan Forootan, President of StreamSend Email Marketing. “By following these steps, you can increase your email list as well as make each part of your email marketing campaign more effective.”

From standard email correspondence to your home page, an ‘opt in’ link should be easy to recognize and attractive to potential clients. Always include incentives to make ‘opting in’ beneficial to your prospective customer.

Keep your ‘Opt In’ Form simple. Asking too many questions right away can make people suspicious and they may will start to waver in their decision to opt in. Keep it simple, straightforward and easy to navigate and you’ll get better results.

When sending out a newsletter, remember to publish back issues on your website. These past issues may ignite interest in potential clients and persuade them to ‘opt in’ to getting future issues.

If you have a shopping cart, add an ‘opt in’ link and explain how members get discounts with a promotional code. This increases your mailing list as well as provides you with important data regarding what your client is purchasing and how often -- information that will help you better target your future email solicitations.

Send out a survey. By using an interesting survey that provides an incentive for participating, you can learn a great deal about your target market as well as monitor the effectiveness of your email campaign. Make sure to include questions not only about your products, but whether they like receiving newsletters, coupons, and other email marketing materials.

Segmentation is crucial to an effective email marketing campaign. The more information you have about your clients, the better you can categorize their wants and needs, leading to more personalized emails and greater return on investment.

Always have an ‘Opt Out’ option. Goodwill is essential to the success of any business. If someone wants to ‘opt out,’ make sure the process is quick and easy. However, make your ‘opt out’ page attractive, to remind customers of why they were originally interested in your company. And remember to always ask why they have decided to ‘opt out.’ This will give you vital information on the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign as well as some insights about your company overall.

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StreamSend offers an easy-to-use, affordable and reliable email marketing software solution designed to help businesses make the most of their time and money when sending an email newsletter or other email campaigns. StreamSend offers a number of industry-leading standard pricing plans and also has strong private-label and affiliate programs. Started as part of EZ Publishing, a web hosting and design company founded in 1998, StreamSend is now the company’s flagship product.

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