GreenSoft Releases White Paper on Risk Management of REACH SVHC and RoHS

White paper offers ideas on how electronics OEMs can manage risk for environmental compliance regulations such as RoHS, REACH SVHC and others. The paper also details how risk can be reduced through data collection and describes a scalable software solution that works for one or two people, or in a company-wide implementation.

South Pasadena, CA, April 19, 2011 --( GreenSoft Technology, Inc., a leading provider of environmental compliance content management tools and services for the global electronics industry, has released a white paper titled “Risk Management of RoHS/REACH SVHC: Green Compliance for Electronics OEMs.”

Complying with environmental regulations has become a challenging task for electronics OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). The list of regulations and directives continues to grow: EU RoHS, China RoHS, Korean RoHS, REACH/REACH SVHC, Battery Directive, Packaging Directive, etc. Companies also may have to respond to green requirements from large OEMs, such as IBM, HP or SONY. The challenge is that these regulations and directives frequently change. Each change increases the amount of restricted substances. Exemptions expire and new exemptions appear.

The white paper lays out a series of recommendations, including collection of full material declaration (FMD) data for all components whenever possible. A supply chain policy should be established which requires suppliers to provide FMD data, or at the least, compliance certificates as part of the product shipment.

The paper also recommends a scalable software solution, such as GreenSoft’s GreenData Manager-REACH, which is able to accommodate a mixture of FMD data and compliance certificates and roll up the product-level compliance status based on available information. The software solution should also be able to provide gap analysis for different compliance requirements on a BOM, such as part obsolescence.

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