New York International Group Offering International Health Insurance to Journalists in War Zones

Journalists sent to countries rife with civil unrest need special health insurance coverage. New York International Group is stepping up to the plate by offering international health insurance policies that don’t exclude war zone incidents or acts of terrorism.

New York, NY, May 04, 2011 --( Journalists working as reporters, cinematographers or photographers and covering political and civil events in Syria, Libya and other Middle Eastern regions or politically charged areas might not be covered by traditional health insurance policies for all incidents. Many policies exclude accidents or injuries that occur while they are working in areas with civil disobedience, civil unrest, terrorism and declared or undeclared war. New York Insurance Group has international health insurance products specifically designed to cover journalists as they go abroad to less peaceful countries and report.

Company director Doug Polifron said, “Journalists play a vital role in the way that the world stays on top of current events. Ensuring that they have the resources to get access to proper medical care if they are injured in the line of duty is something New York Insurance Group is proud to be able to do.” There are several different plans available for journalists to choose from with flexible limit and deductible options, allowing journalists the opportunity to create a plan that corresponds with their risk exposure.

Insurance coverage appropriate for those going into a war zone or area of civil distress includes more than just international health insurance. “There are many other types of coverage that journalists at-risk should consider, such as accidental death and dismemberment and accidental permanent total disability coverages. Because again, traditional policies likely don’t provide coverage in countries with a politically charged environment,” said Polifron.

Polifron advises journalists to read their current health, life and accident policies to determine whether there are any gaps in coverage for international incidents and insurable events arising from terror, undeclared war and civil distress. Once they discover what is and isn’t covered, they can move forward in obtaining additional coverage that fills those gaps and keeps them covered while in the line of duty.

Information for coverage can be found on the New York Insurance Group’s website, http://

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Doug Polifron