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MyReviewsNow Shop at Home Introduces an Exciting Kitchen Appliance in Time for the Holidays

The Butterball Indoor Turkey Fryer can handle a turkey that weighs up to 14 pounds and can cook it in less than an hour, amazing when an oven roasted bird takes about eighteen minutes per pound to thoroughly cook.

MyReviewsNow Shop at Home Introduces an Exciting Kitchen Appliance in Time for the Holidays
Los Angeles, CA, August 22, 2011 --( Shop At Home announces its affiliation with the Butterball Indoor Turkey Fryer, a new and exciting kitchen appliance. Perhaps the customer remembers a time when they’ve gone to a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner and found out, to their surprise, that the turkey had been deep fried. Maybe it was off-putting at first. All that grease! But the turkey that was later brought in all its glory to the table, carved and eaten was one of the tenderest and most delicious turkeys ever tasted.

This indoor kitchen appliance uses less oil, and unlike many other turkey fryers, can be conveniently used indoors. Indeed, it can be put on an average kitchen counter. It’s an electric cooker and doesn’t need gas, and uses 1650 watts of energy to bring the oil to a healthy boil.

The Butterball Indoor Turkey Fryer also comes with a cooking basket that can not only hold the bird but can also hold french fries, doughnuts, dumplings, stuffed won-tons, tempera fish and vegetables, egg and spring rolls, onion rings and other foods that are at their best when they’re deep fried. In addition, it can even steam and boil fish and other foods. The kitchen appliance also has a digital timer and its temperature can be controlled with the turn of a dial.

The fryer has a lid with a window, through which the cook can see what’s happening, a filter that can reduce moisture and diminish odors, though why would one want to, with a mouth watering turkey about to be golden brown and delicious? This kitchen appliance also has an inner pot that’s coated with heat resistant porcelain and a drain valve so whatever oil is left can be drained away, then strained and reused.

The kitchen appliance comes with a manual. To make deep frying the turkey a pleasant experience, the cook should let the bird thaw completely, then pat it as dry as possible with paper towels. A bird that’s still frozen in parts will not only not cook all the way through, but will cause the oil to erupt. Nor should the oil be allowed to get hotter than 400 degrees F, which will also cause it to erupt and splatter when the food is placed inside. The oil should never be allowed to smoke, and if it does the fryer must be turned off right away. It only takes about seven to 10 minutes for a gallon of oil to heat up to 350 degrees F, and after it reaches 550 degrees F, there’s a high probability that the oil will ignite. Therefore, it’s crucial that the fryer's temperature control be monitored. The fryer, of course, should never be left unattended when cooking.

The turkey fryer comes with a coupon that takes $5.00 off a Butterball Turkey, preferably the one the customer is going to fry, free carving gloves, which the cook will wear when handling the turkey basket during cooking, a 3 piece set of lids that come vacuum sealed, 2 piece carving preparation sheets, a DVD that tells the customer how this state-of-the-art kitchen appliance works, and $250 toward future purchases.

For more information regarding the Butterball Turkey Fryer kitchen appliance, please visit Shop At Home

Chickie Maxwell