Gil Kerbashian Housing and Consumer Advocate Supports's Consumer Education Efforts

Since the financial crisis started in 2008, Gil Kerbashian has provided free assistance to consumers seeking information regarding predatory lending, real estate and settlement practices.

Gil Kerbashian Housing and Consumer Advocate Supports's Consumer Education Efforts
Chicago, IL, July 20, 2011 --( Gil Kerbashian focuses his advocacy efforts on protecting the integrity of the homeownership process and helping consumers that have been wronged by predatory lenders, settlement providers or real estate industry professionals. One of his career focuses has been to combat abuses in the mortgage, real estate and settlement service industries, and help improve fair access to credit.

The support primarily focuses on information and investigation of real estate, mortgage, and settlement services. Homeowners and consumers gain extensive resources with analyzing loan documents, drafting complaint letters, phone calls directly to lenders; loan officers and settlement service providers, finding legal support and engaging in dispute strategies.

Gil Kerbashian states that, "Over the last few years I have received hundreds of calls from homeowners and consumers that have been hurt by bad housing practices. Even after all the regulation overhauls, to this day I continue to discover predatory practices. The new Dodd-Frank Bill and RESPA revisions have enhanced industry guidelines yet faulty practices continue to take place. Over the course of the last two years I have fought a vicious battle with industry professionals regarding questionable practices."

Gil Kerbashian also acknowledges that going against entrenched and big money interests publicly has been very difficult. "The hardest part is having to read, hear and experience the personal attacks from people and businesses that I have had to directly confront on behalf of consumer protection," says Gil Kerbashian.

This consumer advocacy effort commenced several years ago in response to the abuses made evident through the financial crisis. Please don't hesitate to call Gil Kerbashian or log onto for more information if you feel you need additional support.

Austin Kaye