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CMS Professional 2012 Released

Cougar Mountain Software announces the release of CMS Professional 2012, which includes features requested by existing customers.

Boise, ID, August 07, 2011 --( Users can update all Multi-Location Inventory locations at once, use Positive Pay to prevent check fraud, and post transactions to a file in all CMS Professional modules. All of the new features help customers streamline existing processes so they can focus more on their business and less on their accounting. CMS Professional is a complete accounting package that also includes great new add-on products such as the CMS Professional Mobile App and the online storage of iVault Backup.

New features of CMS Professional 2012

All Modules:

Custom Data Query – Allows you to select the module, data source file, and search criteria. You can then sort, filter, and export your data to a CSV file.

Paperless posting – Save postings directly to a file of your choice.

Accounts Payable:

Positive pay in AP – Prevent check fraud! Generate AP check information and send it to your bank so they know what checks in what amounts to expect.

Printing - Print Inventory labels directly from the AP Enter Bills and PO Receive POs windows.


Customized in Profit Margin Report - Show only oversold items on the profit margin report

Monitor stock quantity - Adjust minimum and maximum quantities for a range of stock items.

Stock Weight Fields (Also effects Order Entry) – Manually enter weight amounts to each of your stock items.

Update all Multi Location Inventory (MLI) Locations – Update all inventories from one location at one time.


Employee email address – Include email addresses in your employee information.

W-2 Preview Report – Preview your W-2s before you file them.


Customized GL Revenue and Expense Report - Show fund transfers in Revenue and Expense Report.

Director of Product Management, Lori Pennington stated, "With CMS Professional 2012, we did it again! We included various features that will significantly streamline some of your daily or periodic task. For example, you can now quickly search your data in several files to locate a specific record. You can also preview a W-2 report before processing with Aatrix and more!”

To learn more about CMS Professional 2012, contact Cougar Mountain Software at (800) 388.3038.

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