TeamLab Online Scanner: Whitelisting and Open Source as Keys to PC Security of the Future

Ascensio System SIA launches TeamLab Online Scanner, a new free online application based on the advanced whitelisting technology.

TeamLab Online Scanner: Whitelisting and Open Source as Keys to PC Security of the Future
Riga, Latvia, August 11, 2011 --( Ascensio System SIA, a fast-growing developer of IT solutions, announces the release of TeamLab Online Scanner, a free online diagnostics system, aimed at detecting and eliminating a broad spectrum of PC problems.

Combining the existing antivirus approaches with the advanced white list technology, TeamLab Online Scanner identifies a wide range of threats: viruses, trojans, hard to trace rootkits, zero-day files, damaged system files and settings. The application scans the computer, detects malware and provides users with the recommendations that should be taken to remove found problems.

As a complex toolset TeamLab Online Scanner carries out a multi-phase scanning process involving the check of files for valid digital signatures, the "sandbox" analysis of malware behavior, blacklisting detection and the comparison of the objects with the WhiteList, an online library of reliable files.

Currently the WhiteList includes more than 4 million trustworthy files released by well-known software vendors, open-source publishers and shareware developers. The company's experts have been collecting the database for more than a year and the number of reliable files increases every day.

Unlike most online services that tend to check one file or link at a time, TeamLab Online Scanner provides diagnostics of all the applications and services automatically run at the system startup. In case they appear to be malware or contain infections, they pose a serious danger for the entire PC to the extent that users may face difficulties in launching antivirus engines to save their computers. Moreover, the TeamLab Online Scanner allows for detecting zero-day threats almost instantly, analyzing the behavior of suspicious files in an isolated environment, the so-called sandbox.

To make the service absolutely transparent and available to a wide range of users, TeamLab Online Scanner has been developed as a completely open source project. By having the codes open and offering free scanning, it enables users to make their work more efficient and safe with their PCs diagnosed at no expense.

Igor Vikulov, Project Manager, Ascensio System SIA: "Today the exponential growth of evolving threats demands new approaches to the PC security. Using only black lists to spot malware and viruses brings about too many disadvantages: a computer can be infected with new malware whose signatures are not yet known, antivirus scanning lasts longer and database updates can be extremely bulky and belated increasing infection risks. That's why we've decided to bet on the multi-stage scanning process containing not only blacklisting check, but also the comparison of the scanned objects with the White List of reliable files as well as the application of our own sandbox technique.”

About TeamLab Online Scanner
TeamLab Online Scanner is a free online PC diagnostics application developed by the security solutions lab of Ascensio System SIA, a fast-growing IT company. The service is a complex toolset whose operation principles are based not only on the existing antivirus approaches, but also on the unique whitelisting technology. The application can be found at

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