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MyReviewsNow Shop At Home Offers the Finest in Men's Designer Shirts and Foot Wear

Fashionable shirts for men convey a sense of style, pride and confidence in a man's life either at work or at play. Askel Paris showcases fine affordable designer shirts and foot wear.

MyReviewsNow Shop At Home Offers the Finest in Men's Designer Shirts and Foot Wear
Los Angeles, CA, August 31, 2011 --( MyReviewsNow Shop at Home is pleased to announce its affiliation with Askel Paris. Askel Paris offers fine quality designer shirts and foot wear for men. Designer shirts from Askel display a truly unique style perfect for the casual man who wants a touch a class. Their line of designer shirts include four basic collections: St. Barts Collection, St. Tropez Collection, Paris Collection and Cape Cod Collection.

The St. Barts Collection displays elegance with a choice of twelve sophisticated styles including perfectly shaped collars and cuffs that can be easily upturned for a casual look or buttoned for a more professional look. The St. Barts Collection epitomizes the best qualities of today's man. Every style in each collection of designer shirts has a story.

The St. Barts Collection includes Le Niehaus, a style featuring exquisite stripes with a fit that hugs a man's core while hanging over his broad shoulders. This stylish design is characterized by large pink and white stripes on the two button collar and a sophisticated splash of pink on the inside of the cuffs. Le Fendley makes a professional statement with French cuffs and lavender double-ply fabric. The characteristic Mediterranean flavor is a luxurious bonus. Le Antibes, named after a Mediterranean city located between Cannes, is a sophisticated, classy, reserved design ideal for a weekend away after a long week of work.

The St. Tropez Collection features six unique styles with soft fabrics and casual designs ideal for the man who wants to look good and be comfortable at the same time. Designer shirts in this collection include Le Pinto. This style is described as a "special beast" with a sexy, relaxed design with soft blue cotton accented by dark flowers lining the interior. Le Wyndowe features stylish pink interiors to highlight the light grey with matching cuffs. La Creme, French for “something superlative," is characterized by a tall collar and bold interior deigned to set a man apart from the crowd.

The Paris Collection makes its name proud. These designer shirts include 23 elegant designs that drip with sophistication. Designer shirts in this collection include Le Coup de Grace. This design is characterized by classic stripes and bold black buttons that look great while being functional at the same time. Decadent chocolate is a French delight. Le Bernadi is just as decadent and delightful in smooth satin with blue buttons and a subtle polka dot interior that captures the magic of the City of Love. Le Mommessin is characterized by a clear blue reminiscent The Seine river itself. An extra high collar and rounded French cuffs that match the stitching round out the characteristics of this design.

The Cape Cod Collection features eight casual, relaxed, comfortable, sensual styles designed for the man who knows how to play with the same vigor he puts into his work. Some styles in this collection include Le Bragiel. This design, named for Paul, Le Bragiel, is a multi-talented shirt ideal for today's busy man who wants to switch to relaxation mode with little effort. Characteristics of this style are dark blue stitching and square buttons. Le Olivan is a striped shirt highlighted by a luxurious finish with a combo of colors designed to fit into any situation where a man wants to look good and still be comfortable and casual at the same time. Le Sacerdoti features a classic cotton fabric with dark grey color tones that emphasize warmth and comfort. Square buttons, a lining with a hint of grey and a high collar round out the look.

For further information regarding designer shirts and foot wear, please visit MyReviewsNow Shop At Home.

Chickie Maxwell