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MyReviewsNow Shop at Home Introduces an Affordable Teeth Whitening System

Whiter Image’s cosmetic teeth whitening system gives consumers a unique option that is truly affordable in their ongoing quest for beautiful white teeth. They know that their smile has quite an impact on their daily lives and that it also affects those around them.

MyReviewsNow Shop at Home Introduces an Affordable Teeth Whitening System
New York, NY, August 29, 2011 --( MyReviewsNow Shop At Home introduces its affiliation with Whiter Image, an industry leader, in providing teeth whitening products that are known to be effective, innovative and affordable. The company distributes its retail products and whitening systems to domestic and international accounts in the beauty, salon, spa and tanning markets, and they are known far and wide for their remarkable results, their affordability and their outstanding customer support.

This company’s products are innovative

With their Premium Prefilled Tray Kit, Whiter Image offers a unique and simple method for whitening teeth that really works. Each tray contains a special hydrogen peroxide paste that produces outstanding results with virtually no sensitivity. When customers use the advanced whitening gel along with the LED whitening blue light, their teeth are noticeably whiter in just 15 minutes.

The company also produces some stylish and unique whitening products for people who are on the go, such as the Unisex Whiter Image™ TOGO Pen and the Chic-Flic TOGO Pen, which is made especially for the ladies. These pens are sold as stand-alone whitening solutions or as a maintenance aid to be used in conjunction with Whiter Image’s Premium Prefilled Tray Kit.

Teeth whitening is important to people

It is considered to be a perennial cosmetic demand and usually expected to produce immediate results. Virtually everyone will freely admit that having a nice smile really matters to them. People know that this can have a positive affect on their self-esteem, their confidence on the job and in social situations, and in making a good impression when they are meeting someone for the first time.

In addition, consumers feel the need to be proactive in whitening their teeth because both the aging process and certain habits have left them with unwanted discolorations on them, caused mainly by smoking, as well as drinking coffee, soda or wine. Based on the degree of whiteness your clients want to achieve or the type of discolorations they have, they can opt for one, two or three 15-minute whitening sessions.

The Whiter Image philosophy

The company understands that it can be hard to decide which teeth whitening products will provide the best results for your customers and boost your bottom line at the same time. As a rule, everyone seems to claim that their products are superior to all the rest and offer amazing results that cannot be duplicated anywhere. While those claims can be disputed, Whiter Image is satisfied with focusing on why they feel they are the individual consumer’s best choice for teeth whitening products.

The company is dedicated to providing your customers with the very best results. They want your clients to experience an amazing improvement in their smile after using the company’s products, and they concentrate on manufacturing the best products available in order to produce those results. Also, while there is a vast array of professional and over-the-counter teeth whitening products on the market today, Whiter Image stands out from the rest because they provide the whitest results, accompanied by virtually no sensitivity of any kind.

Whiter Image has earned a special honor

The company was recently featured in Lora Condon’s best-selling new book “Spa Wars: The Ugly Truth About the Beauty Industry” as the industry’s preferred teeth whitening provider. At the same time, the author also provides her readers with valuable, unbiased information, along with a list of highly recommended beauty products, organizations and therapists.

For more information regarding teeth whitening, please visit MyReviewsNow Shop At Home.

Chickie Maxwell