EveryCity Partners with Zeus Technology

EveryCity Partners with Zeus Technology
London, United Kingdom, September 07, 2011 --(PR.com)-- EveryCity, the managed hosting provider, today announced a partnership with Zeus Technology, the leading provider of award winning application traffic management software. With Zeus load balancing technology, EveryCity is offering an economic, multi-tiered solution to rapid growth and unpredictable bursts of traffic. It will allow online companies to manage their growth whilst paying only for the computing resources they consume.

In addition to shared Zeus load balancing, EveryCity now offers dedicated Zeus virtual appliances at very cost effective rates. To accommodate rapid scaling, customers can turn on extra features via a new licence key. Clients will be able to start off on the shared Zeus ZXTM product, but will be able to move onto a dedicated pair of Zeus Simple Load Balancers (SLB), in order to manage the weight of traffic as well as providing resilience as they grow.

“The flexibility and versatility of Zeus solutions means that EveryCity customers can get exactly the load balancing features they need as their business needs change. The combination of Zeus technology and EveryCity’s commitment to great service is a win-win for its customers.” (Kosten Metreweli, Chief Marketing Officer, Zeus)

The managed component of the EveryCity offer plays a significant part in dealing with unpredictable growth:

“People talk about cloud computing as being ‘elastic.’ In truth, it is more plastic in most cases. It will stretch to varying degrees, but typically this is not something that happens automatically; with most providers, your cloud platform still needs to be scaled up and down manually when dealing with unpredictable traffic.” (Jon Slater, New Business Director, EveryCity)

To manage spikes in traffic, clients of EveryCity are now able to seamlessly upgrade to dedicated virtual Zeus TM load balancers, which will automatically scale servers up and down on demand. Appropriate capacity is made available to the client at a very cost-effective "resource reservation" rate. Zeus then automatically boots up servers within seconds as they are required and the customer only pays for the resources consumed, following the utility-based cloud model. Zeus also takes care of scaling the platform back down once the peaks in traffic have subsided.

About EveryCity

Established in January 2006, EveryCity’s mission is simple – to deliver the very best hosting possible. EveryCity's outstanding and bespoke approach to service is what differentiates the company from its competitors. To achieve this, and to be more agile and responsive to clients’ needs, EveryCity has moved away from the fixed service model prevalent in the industry, towards the delivery of flexible and adaptable solutions.

EveryCity is able to provide dedicated hosting, cloud hosting (with public and private clouds available) and "hybrid" hosting (a combination of dedicated and cloud). However, the primary focus is to deliver solutions via the EveryCity on demand, scalable platform. This platform has been engineered from the ground up to deliver outstanding performance, scalability and reliability for clients. The infrastructure is enterprise class, employs the latest technologies and is fully redundant with no single point of failure.

For more information on EveryCity, please visit www.EveryCity.co.uk.

About Zeus Technology

Zeus software enables our customers to create, manage and deliver exceptional online services in Physical, Virtual and cloud environments. Implementing a Zeus solution allows organizations to vitualize and manipulate the flow of traffic to their web –enabled applications, thus ensuring a consistently robust web infrastructure. Coupled with the ability to deploy new online services very quickly, Zeus helps provide the competitive advantage business need, by making their online services faster, more reliable, more secure and easier to manage. Zeus software can be deployed on industry standard hardware, virtual machines and any Cloud platforms, making it the right strategic choice for today and tomorrow. Zeus holds strategic partnerships with world-class companies such as Amazon web services, Dell, HP, IBM, Intel, Joyant, Logicwork, Oracle, Rackspace, Sun, Qualcomm and VMware. Zeus powers over one million website infrastructures across the world including the BBC, BT, Comic Relief, Domino’s Pizza, Gilt Groupe, ITV, Play.com, See Tickets, STA Travel and Virgin Media. Zeus is in a unique position to assist any business looking to enhance their mission-critical Internet service Infrastructure. For more information, vitsit www. Zeus.com.

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