On to the Cloud - Metro Encoding Presents "The Source"

Metro Encoding, a leader in Video Compression and Encoding, announced a new set of services collectively know as “The Source.” This service will take any format of video and produce a transcoding source file tailored to the specifications of any internet video site.

On to the Cloud - Metro Encoding Presents "The Source"
Burbank, CA, September 07, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Everyone wants to get to The Cloud. Metro Encoding today announces a new service aimed at getting content from broadcast formats to the web. If you find yourself stuck at “upload video here,” this is the service for you.

For the past two years, video encoding and transcoding has moved online to “The Cloud.” Many sites are getting good results, but having preset encoding profiles waiting for source means that these sites need very specific source video and audio. This can mean very specific resolutions, formats, codecs and frame rates. Many clients who use these services do not have a full understanding of these issues.

“Our clients produce Music Videos, Trailers and Promo Clips for distribution to a wide range of outlets. They are being inundated with Spec Sheets that are sometimes hard to decipher and often call for very different encoding specifications,” said Bill Caulfield, CTO of Metro Encoding. “We cut through the technical aspects of each spec, and can compare and contrast to produce the minimal number of Source Files needed.”

Metro Encoding has the specifications on file for all of the major distribution sites, online publishing platforms and Advertising platforms including: YouTube, VEVO, iTunes, Brightcove, Vimeo and Doubleclick. In many cases one properly encoded file will suffice for all.

The most requested formats are H.264, ProRes (HQ) and MPEG-2, but Metro Encoding can also produce any format of QuickTime, AVI or Transport Stream.

Part of the appeal of this service is the wide range of formats that Metro Encoding can encode from. This includes tape formats from Beta to DigiBeta to HDCAM and any digital format. Another plus is the speed at which they can complete a project, usually providing same day service for clients in the Burbank and Hollywood area.

About Metro Encoding: Metro Encoding provides Video and Audio Encoding services for short form content, including Trailers, Music Videos, EPKs and Commercials.

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