The Role of Kapture Photography in Seeking Answers and Help to Combat SIDS

Portraits are moments that a professional or even an inexperienced photographer has captured using his or her camera. But through Kapture Photography, these portraits are not just pictures, but are moments that could change the lives of those who have lost their children through SIDS.

Melbourne, Australia, September 12, 2011 --( One of the major concerns of mothers today is the case of Sudden Death Infant Syndrome or SIDS. Every year, over 3,500 families have gone through the sudden or unexpected deaths of new born babies. The most common cause is SIDS which can be attributed to sleeping accidents.

However, doctors seem to have no clue as to how these things happen: that’s why every expectant mother in the country dreads to experience such.

Relatively, the cases of those who need emotional and psychological assistance due to SIDS have increased rapidly. It is just right to have the proper support system to help these mothers and their families to recover from the tragedies of losing their babies.

But the assistance does not stop at supporting people who have experienced a loss of a loved one; it also includes funding for the research of ways to prevent such things from happening. Luckily, Kapture Photography wedding photography Melbourne experts are an active participant in this quest for answers and support.

Kapture Photography, a leading picture company that specializes in capturing picture perfect moments, is also a leading benefactor and supporter of SIDS research. The company is takes an active part in raising funds and promoting awareness that such concerns exist and is affecting thousands of families in the country and the world over.

How does Kapture Photography take part in this program?

Normally, a photo session would cost about $140.00, but because the company supports the SIDS and Kids program, $50.00 will be taken out of the actual rate and will be automatically donated to the organization.

In the studio, clients are introduced to campaign and are encouraged to take part in their drive to get more and more people aware of what SIDS is and what they can do to help.

Who would ever think that a simple portrait would help fund an organization that help keep babies alive and healthy? Just for donating to SIDS and Kids, clients of Kapture Photography would receive complete portrait photo sessions with each of their kids. Another perk is the opportunity of each child to have his or her photo published on Little Faces in Outer Places 2011, which is beautiful coffee table book. The published book will be for sale only to those who have participated in the program.

Kapture Photography’s goal is to raise as much as $5,000 in funds in support of the foundation. This may seem to be a lot of money to put together, but it is quite a fulfilling feat if this would be realized.

Motherhood is probably one of the greatest and most enjoyable moments in the life of every woman, and the fact that the joy would be just temporary because of the sudden passing of her new born or 1 month old baby could be really heart-wrenching.

For some, it can be really impossible to move past the tragedy. This is the reason why Kapture Photography wants to raise awareness and encourage more families to help support foundations and movements against SIDS.

Through the proper support system and the doctor’s in-depth research on the cause of SIDS, more and more mothers and families could enjoy the gifts of having to hold their babies in their hands and see them grow up to be brilliant members of the society.

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