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Bernards Bins’ Garage Shelving Helps Organise New Houses – And Keep Them Organised

Bernards Bins’ Garage Shelving Helps Organise New Houses – And Keep Them Organised
Gloucestershire, United Kingdom, September 24, 2011 --( The storage experts at Bernards Bins have been offering advice to new homeowners and those making their first steps on the housing ladder. They’ve been underlining the importance of garage shelving and other storage solutions to those who have recently purchased a house, highlighting what an important foundation it can be to remove clutter in the long-term.

“We always see the same patterns emerging when people move to a new home. With all the general fuss and mess that comes with a house move, the garage and the attic are always the areas that bear the brunt of the mess,” stated Bernard Jones of Bernards Bins. “Unfortunately, due to time constraints and other issues, that mess usually stays there for months, maybe even years!”

Bernards Bins feel they have the perfect solution with their fantastic range of garage shelves and other storage solutions. Bernards Bins’ garage shelving is incredibly easy to construct thanks to its simple tap-together method of construction. All that’s needed is a rubber mallet, meaning the units are ready to support heavy weights as soon as they are built.

Bernards Bins understand that the best way to fight long-term clutter in situations such as moving to a new home is to build solid foundations as soon as possible, to store all types of items and control messy situations before they have a chance to become unmanageable.

“It’s entirely understandable that people have a lot on their mind when they’re moving house, but with careful planning and utilising the right storage solutions, such as garage shelving for instance, the initial move can be made a lot easier,” adds Bernard Jones. “Utilising garage shelving early on is also the best way to keep garages clean in the long-term, and is an incredibly useful, affordable way to store DIY tools, gardening equipment, sports equipment and more.”

To find out more about Bernards Bins, visit their website at, or telephone 0845 9000 245 between Monday and Friday, 8am – 8pm.

Notes for Editors:
Bernards Bins works to a simple ethos. Since the company’s beginnings in 2006, the team behind Bernards Bins has strived to provide the highest quality products to customers at the lowest possible prices. Bernards Bins scout the whole of the EU to find the best suppliers possible, passing all of the savings back to the customer. Bernards Bins can provide a whole host of storage solutions such as garage shelving, plastic parts bins, van racking and more for the home and workplace, and can deliver to offshore and mainland UK, Ireland and Northern Ireland.

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