Author, Tab Edwards, Releases His Long-Awaited New Book: "Lessons of the Navel Orange"

Tab Edwards, author of "Coffee is for Closers, ONLY!" has released his long-awaited follow-up entitled, "Lessons of the Navel Orange" (Oxford Hill Press). The book -- which focuses on those key sales routines that should be at the root of every salesperson's selling motion -- is delivered in a conversational tone that almost gives the reader a sense of participating in one of Tab's "Lessons of the Navel Orange" seminars.

Author, Tab Edwards, Releases His Long-Awaited New Book: "Lessons of the Navel Orange"
Philadelphia, PA, October 04, 2011 --( Following in the success of his previous book on the topic of sales & selling entitled "Coffee is for Closers ONLY!," author Tab Edwards has released his new book "Lessons of the Navel Orange" (Oxford Hill Press) which is based on his highly-regarded Lessons of the Navel Orange sales training workshops and seminars.

"There are probably 500,000 sales books on the market today focusing on the same ol' tired material," says Edwards, "and I didn't want to be the person to contribute the 500,001st. I wanted to contribute a book whose content you can actually use, that has been proven over the years to help sales reps become better sellers -- regardless of their years of experience, is interesting to read (even if you are not a sales rep), and which doesn't insult the reader's intelligence."

According to Edwards, when you get right down to it, there are only a handful of things that sellers really need to ingrain in order to be the best sales professionals they can be; these core concepts are the focus of this book.

Why an "orange?" What's behind the unusual book title? "I go into detail in the book to explain why I initially used an orange as the vehicle through which to deliver the sales best-practices," says Edwards, "but the simple answer is because I needed a prop for a sales training seminar I developed for a major global corporation, and I happened to have an orange available. And when I thought about it, there were lots of different training concepts that I could use the orange to facilitate. Over the years, the orange has proven to be a fun vehicle that was also effective. In addition, my 'Sell Me an Orange' sales challenge has proven to be a big hit with sales teams, so I just stuck with the orange concept; a decision I'm glad I made."

The aforementioned "Sell Me an Orange" challenge is simple: the sales rep is given 1-minute (60 seconds) to sell an orange to a prospective orange buyer. To date, of the more than 1,000 sales reps that have taken the challenge, 85% were unsuccessful at successfully selling the orange. To take the challenge (and to download a free chapter from the book), please visit SellAnOrange dot com.

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