Self-Published Author Shows No Signs of Slowing Down, Releases I Feel... Children’s Series

Chicago children's author DJ Corchin, has released his sixth book, "I Feel...Different." The book is the third in the "I Feel..." series that has shown success with on-line retailers as well as Apple's iBookstore. Mr. Corchin has explored numerous ways to publish his book and has not allowed the long process of getting a major publishing deal stop him from getting his stories into people's hands.

Self-Published Author Shows No Signs of Slowing Down, Releases I Feel... Children’s Series
Chicago, IL, October 06, 2011 --( DJ Corchin has released his sixth self-published children’s book I Feel...Different. The third in the I Feel... Children’s Book Series that explores emotions, the rewards of making others feel good, and loving the things that make you different. With the traditional publishing model changing, Mr. Corchin is showing success exploring many alternative ways of bringing his stories to life, in print and digitally.

Mr. Corchin’s continues to bring his witty, unique, and playful style to children and parents alike through his own self-publishing company, The phazelFOZ Company, LLC. He says, “After releasing my sixth book, I believe I’ve looked at almost every way possible to get a book from my head into bookstores and on-line distributors.” His books are currently available at on-line retailers such as Amazon and as well as on Apple’s iBookstore where I Feel... was recently featured. “I’ve learned I have too many great stories to share, that waiting for a a large publishing deal, a long shot, is just not as fun as watching a parent read something you created to their child. Why wait? The avenues are out there.”

Reader Reviews:

“Truly a children’s book that will delight all generations. Executed with heart and wit and soul. Great for kids and kids at heart. My youngest and I are fighting over who gets to read it again!” -You Got A Boogie

“We've had the book for a week now and not a day has gone by without my 3-year-old daughter proclaiming "I'm a funky monkey!" at the top of her lungs” - Sam & The Jungle Band

"DJ Corchin's book provides a rare, in-depth insight into our nation's band sub-culture, a medium that continues to provide emotional sanctuary for so many of our best and brightest young people.” -Band Nerds Poetry From The 13th Chair Trombone Player

Mr. Corchin continues to received positive reviews from readers and reviewers on-line such as Best-Childrens- He has three more books due out before the end of 2012. “Without the long processes of traditional publishers, I’ve been able to focus on getting my content out faster to people who will enjoy them.”

The I Feel... children’s book series is available for sale at and many other on-line retailers. For more information visit

About Author
A children’s author known for being able to break down life’s lessons into an entertaining story while always tackling a larger positive message, Mr. Corchin continues his social commentary as a columnist/humorist for exploring the “band world.” He was a featured performer/musician in the first National Tour of the Tony and Emmy Award winning Broadway show BLAST! as the “unicycling trombonist.” A former high school band director, he has a degree in music education and close ties to the education world. He lives and works in Chicago, IL.

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