James Dellaterza of Wonka Promotions, Cedar Knolls NJ, Works with Local Businesses to Bring a Renaissance to This Economy

When times are tough in this economy business owners did not know who to turn to, but now thanks to James Dellaterza of Wonka Promotions they finally have an answer to their advertising woes. James "Jimmy" Dellaterza has years of experience in all forms of advertising, be that from print to online to media marketing. Jimmy Dellaterza of Wonka Promotions celebrates the launch of low business pricing.

Cedar Knolls, NJ, March 29, 2012 --(PR.com)-- James Dellaterza's vision of advancing the local economy started at an early age with learning about business through friends and relatives. Seeing the hardships that local entrepreneurs went through, the fluxes of the economic state, put an idea into his head. "Why should local companies have to pay such high prices for great advertising and promotional products?" Thus Wonka Promotions was born, the brain child of James Dellaterza, Wonka Promotions has one main goal. Give companies what they need, corporate advertising, for a small and affordable price.

And just what does Wonka Promotions provide you may ask. Well, they specialize in website creation taking the basic ideas of your company, your hopes and dreams and through Jim's "Jimmy" wide knowledge of graphic and marketing strategies makes those dreams become a reality. Wonka Promotions has a vast knowledge past their advanced style of website design. They also specialize in creating custom graphics for items such as business cards, fliers with print media. They also have expertise with advertising and marketing management.

James has taken small startup companies working out of their houses and small shops and expanded their business thirty percent in just a six month time frame, and in this economy that only proves the talents of Wonka Promotions to take companies struggling in this time and making them shine.

James, or as you soon will come to know him as Jimmy has been working with local business owners from every walk of life, from restaurants and caterers to shop owners such as nail salons and "mom and pop shops", to fields of construction and landscape maintenance. Jimmy Dellaterza has years of experience working with these clients, so why not join Wonka Promotions list of satisfied clients today.

In honor of James' push to restart this economy, Jimmy is pleased to offer this special for one hour of free consulting to local small business owners. James (aka Jimmy, Jim) Dellaterza of Wonka Promotions can be reached at 800-587-5355.
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