Aptamil to Launch Mobile Website

Aptamil have launched a mobile edition of their website to increase the accessibility of their infant nutrition advice and to give free, instant remote access for mums and mums-to-be.

Bath, United Kingdom, January 09, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Infant nutrition and pregnancy specialist, Aptamil, have announced the launch of a mobile version of their website, to help mums and mums-to-be access a wealth of expert information even more easily. It incorporates the main site’s content, which includes blogs, articles and advice from experienced mums, midwives and healthcare professionals, covering pregnancy through to toddlerhood.

Aptamil decided to produce the mobile site after research uncovered that large numbers of expectant mums bought smartphones on discovering that they were pregnant and then regularly used them to research family health issues. The addition of a mobile enabled site is all part of Aptamil’s ongoing commitment to provide mums and mums-to-be with free advice, however they want and whenever they need it.

Aptamil’s existing support services include a website, 24-hour freephone advice line, Live Chat, Twitter feeds, Facebook page and the Aptamil baby club. The club provides its members with tailored advice from pregnancy through to toddlerhood. Membership is free. To access the personalised advice all mums-to-be have to do is enter the due date of their baby when registering.

The mobile site will also enable mums to see how others have managed, with access to the pregnancy and baby forum. Mums will be able to browse discussion topics as well as the concerns, experiences and advice of others. This is in keeping with Aptamil’s drive to help mums connect with one another via their website, baby club and their Facebook page.

The mobile site can be accessed through smartphones at www.aptamil.co.uk and those with an iPhone will be able to add a link to their home screen for easy access. Existing Aptamil baby club members can log into their accounts, while new users can join the baby club from the mobile site itself.

Closing information
Aptamil have been researching infant nutrition for over 50 years. Today they maintain a global team of over 300 scientists dedicated to furthering this knowledge. This expertise and ongoing research when combined with their team of healthcare experts has enabled them to offer advice, support and reassurance on every aspect of pregnancy and motherhood through to the toddler stage. Aptamil is committed to providing the best support for babies and toddlers and strives to continue doing this in every possible way.

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