PatientClick Launches Transcription Interface to Enable Easy Transition from Paper Base to Paperless

PatientClick now takes another quantum leap forward by introducing a transcription interface that enables an easy transition from a paper-based system to a paperless office.

Phoenix, AZ, January 24, 2012 --( Technology has changed the way many businesses interact with their customers, and the medical field is no different. EHRs (Electronic Health Records) have changed the physician/patient relationship. PatientClick, a Cleveland-based company, with offices in San Diego, has been at the center of this technological revolution due to their user-friendly, web-based EHR system. PatientClick now takes another quantum leap forward by introducing a transcription interface that enables an easy transition from a paper-based system to a paperless office.

Given the encouragement and incentives by the HiTech (The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health) Act, for the widespread adoption of EHRs, it would be logical to assume that physicians and health care offices are working diligently to implement EHR technology into their offices. Though EHRs offer benefits such as, searchable patient data, faster availability of lab results, easy access to X-rays, and MRIs, more efficient billing, and more effective patient visits, not all health care providers are rushing to implement and use this new technology.

One of the most persistent complaints from physicians regarding the use of EHR technology is that it takes too much of their time and gets in the way of their relationships with patients. Many doctors complain that using a computer keyboard while talking with patients is inefficient and can be viewed as rude. It is easier to listen while writing notes with a pen and paper than it is to listen while both hands use a keyboard and a mouse. Because of this, many doctors are reluctant to fully implement an EHR system.

Though EHRs are designed to increase physician productivity, in reality productivity often initially decreases for many physicians and health care offices. This is where PatientClick’s web-based, easy-to use system comes in; it makes implementation easier and the learning curve shorter. PatientClick’s transcription interface allows physicians to maintain their old habits while adapting new technology.

PatientClick has made EHR technology easy to implement and use, and they continue to make improvements to their system. The transcription interface is the newest improvement that will help boost physician productivity and break down any barriers that health care providers may have to using EHR systems. Transcription service integration is one of the important aspects of EHR technology in achieving maximum user efficiency, lowering costs, and encouraging the widespread implementation by doctors and providers.

Using PatientClick’s EHR web-based system with its transcription interface helps to create the perfect EHR solution for any health care provider’s office. It will enhance productivity, lower costs, and allow your office to go paperless. EHRs that interface with a transcription service will provide reluctant physicians with an additional tool to help them convert from the old way of doing business to the 21st century way of caring for patients and running a health care office. PatientClick is paving the way for widespread adoption of EHR technology and compliance with the HiTech Act with its new transcription interface.

About PatientClick:

PatientClick (, based in Cleveland, Ohio, with offices in San Diego, Calif., offers innovative online electronic health record management solutions designed and built specifically for physicians and small medical clinics. The service provides all in one EHR solution including ePrescription and clearing house, with no costly hardware to install and with a minimal amount of time required to get up and running. PatientClick's services are scalable, so they can fit a physician's practice large or small. The specialty-specific EHR software service covers more than 30 medical specialties, and can be customized to fit individual needs and workflow of any physician offices. For more information, visit www.PatientClick on the web or call 1-877-901-9990.

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Vish Mehta