OfficeWatch Helps Grand Prairie School District Keep Students Safe with Advanced Reporting, Call Tracking, and 911 Alerts

Grand Prairie School Districts selected OfficeWatch due to its ease of use and stability to monitor and track calls for all 40 school campuses. Centralized reporting allows users to be alerted of emergency calls, track harassing or suspicious callers, and generate a paper trail in the event the district has any issues or concerns.

Fort Lauderdale, FL, March 10, 2012 --( Grand Prairie Independent School District is not a stranger to call accounting and telemanagement solutions. After several years with an existing provider, Troy Duval, Voice Network Administrator for the district was ready for a change. He contacted a previous colleague of his, Christi Crumpton with TKO Telesystems, for advice on a system that would meet his needs and work seamlessly with his 4,000 extension Cisco IP phone system.

“Their existing [telemanagement] solution was unstable and had become costly to maintain due to the support issues,” explained Crumpton. “They needed an application that was reliable, easy to use, and that could run as an active directory on a virtual machine; I suggested OfficeWatch.”

Safety for their students, faculty and staff is always a top concern for school districts and in-room phone systems enable teachers to reach help if it is ever needed. OfficeWatch Telemanagement works with these phone systems to provide users with dynamic call tracking and reporting features, as well as offers 911 alerts, toll fraud notifications, VoIP hacker detection, and trunk analysis tools. The centralized reporting features allow Duval to trace suspicious calls, research frequently dialed numbers, and create a documented paper trail in the event the district has any issues or concerns.

After participating in a demonstration with Metropolis and TKO Telesystems, Duval was ready to move forward. “He was very happy with how the stats [in OfficeWatch] update in real time,” elaborates Crumpton. “The threshold in his prior software was too long and took several minutes to update.”

Upon receiving the appropriate key codes and user manual to the software, Duval chose to self-install the application into his 40 campus sites. “I have installed a lot of this type of software; this was by far the easiest to install and use,” he praised.

Grand Prairie has already had success with the 911 alert feature, as students are notorious for pulling practical jokes. OfficeWatch allows users to quickly determine where calls originate from with detailed location data that is sent immediately to users via email, text and screen pop-up when an emergency call is placed.

“We’ve had 911 calls that turned out to be pranks,” notes Duval, explaining how he was able to cancel emergency services after discovering the calls were not a true emergency. “We were able to call the extension back and inform the teacher that her students were using [the classroom phone] so she could better monitor them.”

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