3 Industry Leaders Partner to Solve ICD-10 Transition

Stroudwater Associates, Bridgefront Associates, and Promantra Inc. team together to create comprehensive strategy to ease the ICD 10 transition.

Somerset, NJ, March 10, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Stroudwater Associates, Promantra, Inc., and Bridgefront Associates, 3 Industry Leaders in Hospital Revenue Management solutions, have teamed together to ease the ICD-10 transition. From performance analysis and improvement, to training and coding, this three-pronged approach has proven to be a comprehensive strategy to ensuring that when ICD-10 hits, hospitals are prepared on every level.

Stroudwater, a nationally recognized performance analysis company, will provide an ICD-10 gap analysis, focusing on the steps that teams must take now in order to ensure a smooth, successful ICD-10 transition.

Promantra, an industry leading revenue cycle management services provider, will support the transition with staff augmentation for coding and medical transcription, ICD-9/ICD-10 comparison of selected procedures, and denied claims management.

Bridgefront, award winning medical trainers, will provide ICD-10 overview training for management teams as well as the “nuts and bolts” of ICD-10 for coders, billers, and other professionals.

“Hospitals are stressed out about ICD-10, and they have every right to be,” Terry Kile, VP Promantra, said. “The very way they make money to care for patients is in jeopardy. They don’t have extra time to implement changes, because they’re already busy enough—but if they don’t, the unthinkable happens. That’s why we have teamed with other industry leaders to make this very mysterious change; methodical and easy to implement. It has worked with our clients and we’re thrilled about extending this plan to others facing the same concerns. We have the solution.”

This team is positioned to assist all hospitals with knowledge, experience and consultation about specific issues around ICD-10 compliance. ICD-10 implementation will require concentrated focus and a team of committed professionals to ensure success. Contact Promantra to discuss how this approach will lead to ICD 10 compliance and success.

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