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Announcing Keene Building Product’s Newest Patent: a Highly Compressible Layer of Fabric for Their Sound Mat

Mayfield Heights, OH, March 14, 2012 --( Keene Building Products is pleased to announce the issuance of the patent for their muffling technology. The new “MT” product has been installed in many million square feet of multi-family housing, and the concept has been acknowledged officially under patent protection by the US Patent office. This broad definition of an application incorporating a compressible fabric into a sound mat product is a major development for Keene Building Products. “We believe in changing the multi-family industry through product enhancements and improved technology,” commented Jim Keene, “when combined with the other patents for moisture control and pending patents for strength reinforcement we believe our offering is dramatically better and greatly improves our industry.”

Sound mat muffling technology or “MT” uses a high loft fabric that weighs very little and compresses with a low amount of pressure. When loaded with an underlayment such as gypsum concrete in a sound control application, the performance is dramatically enhanced. The “MT” product addition can make 1/4” sound mats perform like 3/4” sound mats through the lessening of the decibel level in the critical lower frequencies. The MT product enhancement has been used extensively in mill building rehab applications.

The new muffling technology is available on all Quiet Qurl sound mat thicknesses.

Keene Building Products is the premier innovator and manufacturer of 3-dimensional filament products for the building envelope and noise control markets.
Keene Building Products
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