Cleocat-Fashion: Top Retail Commerce Provider and Wholesale Fashion Seller in South-East Asia

Introducing Cleocat-Fashion, a leading wholesale fashion seller in Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia.

Singapore, Singapore, March 22, 2012 --( Cleocat-Fashion (or Cleocat) announces its first online wholesale fashion website offering a vast assortment of cheap Korean fashion style wholesale clothing, wholesale bags, wholesale accessories and beauty products. Retailers face ever-growing retail rental costs and its increasingly evident to young entrepreneurs that a brick and mortar retail shop is beyond their capital means. Selling on the internet is the way to go forward now. New-comers must however, confront the twin problems of sourcing quality merchandise and logistics, finding wholesale markets overseas, overcoming language barriers and arranging the entire chain of deliverance from sending the merchandise from the wholesaler to receiving it in their warehouse. Cleocat recognised that there is a better way to streamline it. With its innovative retail selling solution and drop-shipping service, it made starting an online fashion retail business easier than ever.

The retail selling solution is an in-house developed Flash-based application (or Flash app) linked to Cleocat's database. The reseller first sets up his blog and embeds it into a blog page via HTML. He then buys credit from Cleocat in denominations of $150 dollars. On Cleocat's website, he adds the merchandise he wished to sell to the Flash app and marks up his retail prices. When a customer buys from the reseller, he checks out the customer's item on the website after which Cleocat will post the item on the following business day, providing an end-to-end solution from cataloging to fulfillment, allowing the reseller to focus on marketing his merchandise only.

How does Cleocat ensure quality and uptrend fashion merchandise available to resellers? For more than 4 years, it has built a wide network of wholesale fashion suppliers spanning over South Korea, China and Thailand. Each supplier is strictly evaluated on the criteria of trendiness, costs, clothing quality and ability to deliver on time before a long term working relationship is established . Cleocat participates in their merchandise design process, frequently discussing informally on materials selection such as fabrics and leather, giving inputs on the latest Korean fashion and feedback on individual merchandise sales performances.

Cleocat hopes to grow to beyond its traditional South East Asia market and aims to become a leading online fashion seller of wholesale Korean fashion clothes worldwide.
Murphy Tan