Shave Sharper and Smarter

After making it’s way into the daily routine of hundreds of thousands consumers, Razorpit razor blade sharpener is racking up some pretty impressive awards. Most recently, FHM and it’s readers have voted Razorpit as a 2011 "Grooming Award" winner, while Men’s Health Australia has named it a 2011 "Essential Buy." Razorpit is now accessible with free delivery all over the world.

Shave Sharper and Smarter
London, United Kingdom, April 03, 2012 --( Men and women spend more money annually on razors and razor blade replacements than any other grooming product on the market. Despite the many advances in shaving technology in recent years, the cost of razors have skyrocketed. Although the quality has been greatly improved, the lifespan of razor blades remains stunted, leaving consumers with an expensive product that will ultimately be tossed in the garbage long before it should be. Razorpit razor blade sharpener extends the life of all razor blades, including disposables, allowing you up to 150 fresh blade shaves with just one blade.

Made from recycled materials, and 100% recyclable, Razorpit’s patented surface utilizes friction to remove the build-up, skin cells, hair and all other microscopic impurities from the blades of your razor so that the next time you shave your clean skin, you’re not dragging a dull, dirty razor across it. Razorpit is revolutionizing the world of shaving by freeing consumers from the daily grind of dull blades and introducing them to a sharp new world of savings and satisfying shaves.

"FHM readers have voted for Razorpit as grooming tool of the year, proving the desire among people who shave, for a product that improves their shaving experience while saving them money." Says Mikkel Salling, Founder of Razorpit. "Now when offering free delivery worldwide, we’re excited to see the reactions as people realize just how easy it is to save money and enhance their shave."

The razor blade apocalypse is upon us, and leading the revolution is this cost effective, easy-to-use innovation. Razorpit is available at Join the shaving revolution, visit to order your Razorpit or to find a local retailer.
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