Not Afraid to Warn People About Scams

The recently launched review site, openly warns people not to waste their money on worthless eBooks. Not Afraid to Warn People About Scams
Mary Esther, FL, April 10, 2012 --( We've all seen that website that makes extraordinary promises. ("This gel will regrow your hair in 24 hours!" etc.) But when you look for unbiased, professional reviews, you can't find any because the people reviewing the products usually earn commissions.

Alan Zornes, Internet Entrepreneur, recently launched with the promise that his reviews are honest. Like the owners of most review sites, Alan earns commissions when a product sells. When asked if he was worried about losing potential commissions, he said, "I think if people see that I'm honest, they'll visit my site again and maybe find a similar product that actually does what it claims."

Each of the products are graded on a scale of one to five stars based on things like reliability, ease of use, features, customer support and price. Alan personally tries the products for himself. And for the products that don't apply (like an eBook on getting pregnant), he determines the product's refund rate and scours the web for complaints.

"When you use a search engine to find information about a product, every result tells you how great it is," Alan said. "My site is the only one that might actually you warn you not to buy it." has almost 100 ebook reviews so far. They're mostly fitness guides, game guides, and relationship guides, but Alan also reviews software programs. The goal is to add one review per week day until all of the most popular digital products are covered.

"Hopefully my site will save people time and money," Alan said.
Alan Zornes