Gabbard Wellness Announces Strategic Partnership with Stark Service Solutions, LLC

New partnership makes available quality health and wellness products to the hospitality industry.

Sacramento, CA, April 19, 2012 --( Gabbard Wellness Group, Inc., a Wellness International Network, Ltd. (WIN) distributor of wellness products, announced today the formation of an elite partnership with Stark Service Solutions, a leading customer service training and technology provider to the hospitality and medical industries.

WIN has been a global leader in the wellness industry through their high quality, Physicians Desk Reference for Non Prescription Drugs, Dietary Supplements and Herbs, listed supplements and their physicians program which emphasizes proactive healthcare options designed to increase the quality of life. This partnership with WIN through Gabbard Wellness Group will now allow Stark the ability to offer their existing clients’ employees WIN’s wellness products to enhance their health and productivity.

The wellness industry is approaching one trillion dollars in the U.S. alone and has already passed that mark globally. It is an industry which has continued rapid growth through the recent global recession. Gabbard offers a physician endorsed, PDR listed, product line that is independently produced in FDA licensed, regulated labs and meets all truth in labeling standards. “Many are looking for the kind of proactive, preventative, health options that we offer, in order to try to live a longer, higher quality level of life. Along with exercise and diet, we offer a product line with a 20 year history that covers all aspects of personal health concerns including anti-aging, energy, weight management, and cellular health. With our product line and Stark’s relationships in multiple industries, we expect very significant product sales and rapid growth. We are very excited about the scope and global reach of this partnership,” comments Leslie Gabbard, co-owner/founder of Gabbard Wellness Group.

“Our clients have come to depend on us to assist them in having healthy relationships with their customers and staff. Studies show that employees who lead healthy lifestyles are less likely to get sick and miss work and are more likely to be productive, enjoy their jobs and feel mentally stronger. Our vision for 2012 and onward is to expand the benefits our clients enjoy from working with us: healthy revenues, healthy bottom lines and actual healthy lifestyles. We are genuinely interested in the people that work for our clients and are excited to be able to offer them an added benefit to working with us. A great product line at great prices will help them achieve improved health and wellness resulting in improved productivity and performance,” comments Naomi Stark, President, Stark Service Solutions, LLC.

About Gabbard Wellness Group
Gabbard Wellness Group Inc. is an independent distributor of Wellness International Network, Ltd., a privately held company founded in 1992, specializing in health and nutritional products.

Co-Owners Leslie and Glenn Gabbard are co-founders of the Physicians Preferred Wellness Group, recipient for the past two years of the national MD Preferred Service Award for excellence in service to the medical community. The company is focused on providing viable options for physical, mental and financial wellness. Product line ranges from products geared to help increase energy, stamina, weight loss and enhance mental function and mood to a complete line of cellular nutritional products, plus innovative skin and hair-care products. For additional information, contact them by calling 1-877-760-2564 or e mailing Visit the website at

About Stark Service Solutions
For a decade, Stark Service Solutions, LLC, has been delivering unparalleled customer service enhancement products to the hospitality industry. Stark’s uniquely designed programs are established on a foundation of five-star, five-diamond hospitality service standards and integrated with current technology. Recognized by the Medical Community two consecutive years, Stark is the national exclusive MD Preferred Service Award recipient for outstanding Technology and Training Services for the hospitality industry. This privately owned and operated company is built upon a distinctively personalized approach to the hospitality business. For additional information contact them by calling 480.415.1161 or by emailing Visit the web site Follow Stark on Twitter and Like on Facebook: Stark Service Solutions - Touch System.
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