ALPCO Diagnostics Launches Mouse Sclerostin ELISA

ALPCO Diagnostics announces the launch of an ELISA specific for measuring mouse sclerostin in serum and plasma.

ALPCO Diagnostics Launches Mouse Sclerostin ELISA
Salem, NH, July 10, 2012 --( ALPCO Diagnostics is excited to announce the launch of an ELISA specific for measuring mouse sclerostin in serum and plasma. Sclerostin inhibits osteoblast activity via antagonism of the wnt signaling pathway and plays a key role in the regulation of bone formation. Reports show that sclerostin expression and/or circulating levels are elevated in osteoporosis, immobilization-induced bone loss, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple myeloma and bone metastases, making it a therapeutic target of great interest for the fields of bone and cancer research. There are indications that sclerostin levels are also elevated with chronic kidney disease, suggesting relevance in the study of renal insufficiency as well.

The commercial release of the Mouse Sclerostin ELISA serves to expand ALPCO’s current bone metabolism portfolio which consists of assays including Human Sclerostin, Human Osteoprotegerin and sRANKL, Mouse/Rat Osteoprotegerin and sRANKL as well as kits specific for Human and Rodent Osteocalcin. The Mouse Sclerostin ELISA is available worldwide.

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