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"Soul Currency" Author Ernest Chu, Israel Composer and Peace Activist Eliana Gilad to Explore Common Ground in Ancient Hebrew, Chinese Spiritual Teachings in June 26 Call

A Chinese-American Religious Science minister from Fort Lauderdale and an American-Israeli musician in Galilee will teach peace in a free one-hour teleconference and webcast beginning at 1 p.m. EST (8 p.m. in Israel) on Tuesday, June 26.

Fort Lauderdale, FL, June 19, 2007 --( When someone cuts you off in traffic, endangering you and the drivers behind you, can you stay calm?

When your boss gives the promotion you worked for and deserved to someone else, can you be in peace about it?

Tougher: If you live in a city such as Baghdad, where it is not safe to stay home and not safe to go out, is it even possible to maintain peace of mind and heart? How and where does one find peace in a war zone?

The answers are:

1) Yes, it's possible to stay in peace, no matter what.

2) The secret -- the way to peace in any circumstance -- is within the mind and heart of every human being.

Two 21st-Century spiritual teachers will explore the way to inner peace during a June 26 teleconference conducted by the Rev. Ernest D. Chu, a Chinese-American Religious Science minister and descendant of Zhu Xi, the 12th-Century founder of Neo-Confucianisman. Chu and Eliana Gilad, an American-Israeli healing music composer and peace leader, will explore common ground in the peace teachings and practices of their ancestors, extracting wisdom and guidance for all who seek a way to stay peaceful in the face of any circumstance.

Gilad will speak not only from tradition, but from her own life experience. She lives peacefully in Galilee with Jews, Christians and Muslims, practicing daily what she teaches. "If I find it here, in this place that is conventionally communicated through mass media as a dark and dangerous place, then you, too, can discover inner harmony in your life," she says.

At the Voices of Eden Healing Music Center (, which she founded in the hills of Galilee, Gilad teaches a Sacred Healing Music Course and organizes living peace tours of the Holy Land ( She is an internationally recognized expert in the conscious use of voice and rhythm as a natural healer, as they were used in ancient times; she describes herself as "a descendant of the ancient Hebrew matriarchal lineage who used voice and rhythm as a means of finding inner balance and outer peace."

Gilad has performed at the United Nations, and she has presented her unique wordless vocal music throughout the US, Canada, Israel, and Europe. During last year's Hezbollah-Israel war Gilad wrote, "Quiet in the Eye of the Storm: Living Peace in a War Zone," a downloadable book (, providing practical ways of remaining at ease, even when all goes awry.

During the teleconference, Gilad will lead a music meditation and invite participants to experience a way to "use your body as an instrument to easily connect with your inner balance through a simple exercise inspired by the ancient sages of the East."

"We are at an apex in time," says Chu. "Our world sits precariously on a precipice overlooking human, moral and emotional and societal destruction and decay. Values are breaking down. While we cannot change what happens 'out there,' we have absolute control over how we respond inside ourselves.

"In this teleseminar, we will explore the ancient past in order to unearth simple but powerful truths from the eastern world that can provide us with missing ingredients to achieving inner harmony," he continues. "By choosing to connect to our inner peace, even in the midst of disaster, we can remain calm and centered." For the teleconference, Chu will draw from the wealth of ancient Chinese teachings about achieving inner peace, harmony, health and prosperity.

Chu's Chinese roots and his leadership position in the New Thought movement make him a living example of balanced energy (yin-yang). A former investment banker, he now serves as assistant pastor at the Center for Spiritual Living in Fort Lauderdale and founding director of The Soul Currency Institute (, based in Deerfield Beach, FL. New World Library will publish Chu's forthcoming book, "Soul Currency: The Secret of Being Well Paid for Doing What Really Fulfills You," as its lead title in the Fall of 2008.

To sign up for the free teleconference and webcast, please visit this page on The Soul Currency Institute's website. The institute will email the call-in number and password to all registrants.

Although access to the one-hour call is free, long-distance charges are the responsibility of each participant who participates via phone call. Many callers avoid long-distance charges by using Skype phones or cell phones will available minutes, according to the institute.

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