Announces New Program for Online Review Management

Denver, CO, August 07, 2012 --( is proud to announce its new program for online review management. The online review management program features several key components that take the company’s services to the next level and meets the growing needs of internet users everywhere. With the new online review management software, Internet Reputation is able to track online reviews as they are received. Furthermore, the software opens up possibilities for managing negative online reviews in a quicker and more effective method than ever before.

The announcement of this software follows an already busy season for The company was awarded “Tech Firm of the Year,” and has also been recently featured on MSNBC, Fox News, and The New York Times. As the company continues to gain exposure and reach more clients, developing their services with new and additional software has been a central focus.

A spokesperson with the company commented on the expansion, saying, “The new online review management software marks a key turning point for We’re very excited to be offering software that is so innovative and essential in 2012. We think that once businesses start using the online review management software, they won’t be able to imagine life without it.”

The online review management software is innovative for a number of reasons. In the past, small businesses and corporations alike had to pour through pages of search results and online review websites in order to find positive and negative reviews about their company. The process was time consuming; for larger companies, there might even be one or more fulltime employees assigned to the task, making it an expensive process, too.

With this new software from, however, all online reviews are immediately seen. They are also organized and presented to the company so that decisions can be made easily and effectively. Positive reviewers can be thanked personally by a representative from the company, and negative reviews can be swiftly addressed in order to minimize reputation damage.

“We’re very excited about what this could mean for the future of big and small business alike,” said an spokesperson. “In the past, you simply had to hope for the best, and trust that your team was scouring the net thoroughly. Today, our software leaves nothing to chance. Every review – without fail – will turn up through the new online review management software, insuring that no negative and damaging reviews will fly under the radar.”

The excitement that has been building at is certainly justified. The brand new online review management software program is one of a kind. Though the internet reputation industry is a burgeoning industry in 2012, is recognized by many businesses and organizations as being at the forefront, leading the industry in innovative thought and quality of service.

Now that is releasing its new online review management software, it’s likely that many other companies in the same industry will follow suit. However, the fact that other companies may imitate’s strategy does not disturb the company.

On the contrary, the company believes that the new software will help them maintain their position at the top of the industry.

The same spokesperson stated, “ is at the forefront of the online reputation management industry for a reason. We offer very tangible results to each and every one of our customers with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We don’t just ‘try our best;’ we insure that customers get the results their reputations depend upon. This new software may be imitated by competitors, but the truth is… even a carbon copy of the software isn’t going to be as effective without a team like ours backing it.”

In addition to its new online review management program, offers services for individuals. From mugshots to newspapers to internet slander, is experienced in removing all types of information from the internet in order to improve the lives of their clients. They offer free quotes and analyses for all customers. welcomes questions and comments about the new online review management software.
Gary Bloom