Saelig Intros New Low-Cost, Versatile 30MHz Oscilloscope

SDS5032E is a new, low-cost two-channel oscilloscope which is packed with useful features normally only seen on higher-end DSOs.

Pittsford, NY, August 26, 2012 --( SDS5032E isa new, low-cost two-channel oscilloscope with high-end features, including external and video-capable triggering, auto-measurements, auto-scaling, a large 8” high resolution full color LCD display, XY mode, auto-set, averaging, math functions, USB output, waveform storage, pass/fail output, and a 3-year warranty. FFT functionality is included for frequency spectrum display, in addition to a built-in 6-digit frequency meter, which can measure frequencies from 2Hz to 30MHz.

The Autoscale feature can automatically adjust the vertical gain, or the horizontal time base, or both together. This is useful for circuit probing - as the probe is moved from point to point on a circuit board, the display auto-adjusts for best trace presentation. It functions like AutoSet, but instead of being a one-time function, it's active until turned off, allowing “hands-free” measurements. The FFT function shows an instant frequency spectrum of the signal under test, while the Math function shows the results of the addition, multiplication, division and subtraction operations between Channel 1 and Channel 2, and the FFT operation of Channel 1 or Channel 2.

The SDS5032E can automatically measure and display frequency and peak-peak/rms/mean values, but cursors can also be moved to make individual readings. A built-in self-calibration facility improves measurement accuracy. Video monitoring is also possible with triggering on NTSC/PAL/SECAM line or field waveforms.

SDS5032E features include: manual cursor measurements, up to 19 automatic measurements (including frequency), high-speed screen update, storage for up to 15 waveforms and set-up parameters, convenient USB serial interface with PC software, and advanced trigger settings including pulse width criteria for detecting rogue signals.

This lightweight (3.3lb) and compact 13.7” × 6.7”×3” oscilloscope comes in an attractive slim case and is perfect for any engineer’s or student’s desk. The USB master and slave connections make printing or storing results easy too. With a large 8” 800 x 600 color TFT-LCD, this scope is small enough and light enough to carry anywhere. Sensitivity range is 5mV/div to 5V/div, with horizontal display of 4ns/div~100s/div. An external VGA output port allows the screen information to be displayed on a computer monitor or projected with a video projector.

The SDS5032E offers on-board storage, and USB output, making it an unbeatable value for use in education, design, maintenance and lab applications. It is available now from stock at only $299.95 from Saelig Company. Inc. Pittsford NY. For detailed specifications, free technical assistance, or additional information, please contact Saelig at 1-888-7SAELIG, via email:, or visit
Saelig Co. Inc.
Alan Lowne