Saelig Introduces Coltraco Portasonic® PRO Handheld Ultrasonic Non-Invasive Clamp-on Flow Meter With Pressure Prediction

The Portasonic® PRO is a handheld tablet-based ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter with pressure prediction software for calculating internal pipe pressure from measured flow rates. It combines the functionality of the Portasonic® 2.FL0 in measuring flow rates non-invasively with the Portasonic® CALCULATOR, to form the first instrument capable of calculating the internal pressure within pipes, using non-invasive, externally measured flow sensors. - November 20, 2022

Saelig Introduces Coltraco Portascanner® WATERTIGHT PRO Ultrasonic Watertight Integrity & Hatch Cover Tester

The Portascanner® WATERTIGHT PRO is a portable instrument for locating and quantifying leaks and assessing water- and weather-tightness, particularly on commercial ships, warships, and offshore oil & gas platforms. - November 13, 2022

Saelig Announces New Distribution Agreement with Coltraco Ultrasonics, London, UK

This agreement will make Coltraco’s advanced ultrasonic measuring technology products available to Saelig’s huge customer-base of electronics manufacturers, defense contractors, DOD, government, and manufacturing engineers. - November 01, 2022

Saelig Launches Pico Technology Kits for Heavy-Duty vehicle and Off-Highway Equipment Testing and Fault Diagnosis

Three new diagnostic kits from Pico Technology serve the heavy equipment industry. All kit accessories have been selected on their suitability for testing in the harsh HD-OH environment. - October 07, 2022

Saelig Introduces WEROCK Scoria M240 Rugged Handheld Data PC

The WEROCK Scoria M240 Rugged Handheld Data PC, now available from Saelig, has been specifically designed for mobile data collection, and includes a high-end 1D/ 2D barcode scanner, phone, plus a 13-megapixel camera for capturing shipment information. - August 20, 2022

Saelig Introduces Micsig STO1004 100MHz Battery-Portable Oscilloscopes

Micsig’s STO1004 4-channel oscilloscope has 70Mpts memory, 1GSa/s sampling, 130,000wfm/s refresh rate and Li battery for up to five hours of field use, with new joystick controls and universal probe interfaces for powering differential probes. - June 19, 2022

Saelig Announces New EG-JF Range of High Frequency Ultra-Low Jitter Voltage-Controlled Oscillators

The new Euroquartz EG-JF series VCXOs are ideal for use in applications requiring ultra-low phase jitter. - June 16, 2022

Saelig Introduces Affordable Low Compliance Voltage OR-01 OhmRanger-LCV™ Ohmmeter

OR-01 OhmRanger-LCV™ has been designed as a portable instrument for measuring the resistance of delicate components by using a very low stimulus voltage to avoid damaging the device being tested. - March 19, 2022

Saelig Announces the ABI Website to Promote "PCB Repair Not E-Waste"

This new website promotes the virtues and techniques of repairing electronics products rather than discarding and replacing. It highlights a movement started in 2015 for implementing the benefits of creating a repair-first approach in every business. - March 13, 2022

Saelig Introduces Siglent SDG7000A 1GHz Advanced Arbitrary Waveform Generator Series

The Siglent SDG7000A Series of 2-channel AWGs offers models in maximum frequencies of 350MHz, 500MHz, and 1GHz, with 5Gsa/s sampling, 14-bit vertical resolution, and a memory depth of 512Mpts. Arbitrary waveforms are generated with sample rates from 0.01Sa/s to 2.5GSa/s, and vector signals at 500MSa/s. A wide variety of test signals can be generated, with the option to add 16 digital channels to the 2 analog channels to provide synchronous mixed signal analysis ability. - March 05, 2022

Saelig Introduces ThunderSync3-C10 Universal Thunderbolt 10 Port USB-C Charge/Sync Hub

Probably the world’s fastest multiport USB Hub with transfer speeds of up to 40Gbits/s; charges and/or syncs up to 10 USB 3.2 devices simultaneously at Thunderbolt speeds with up to 3.0A per port. - February 19, 2022

Saelig Introduces MSR86 Data Logger for Monitoring Cold Chains Down to -100degC

The new, reusable MSR86 data logger is equipped with an external temperature sensor for continuously monitoring extremely low temperatures during the transportation and storage of sensitive, perishable products such as pharmaceuticals. - January 22, 2022

Saelig Introduces Boonton SGX1000 18GHz RF Signal Generator Series

The SGX1000 series of 3/6/18GHz RF Signal Generators combines the technology of Boonton and Holzworth to provide high performance CW and swept signal generation. - January 21, 2022

Saelig Introduces FASTHub to Deliver Enhanced Retail Customer Experience for Stores, Auto Dealers and Customer Service Areas

FASThub is the most reliable, robust and efficient rapid charging system, that can be installed in business furniture, promoting customer convenience and satisfaction, extending shopping time with unrivalled safety and security. - December 12, 2021

Saelig Announces New Distribution Agreement with X2E High-Performance Automotive Dataloggers for North America

X2E's XORAYA advanced automotive databus loggers, used by all the well-known European automobile manufacturers, will now be available from and supported in North America by Saelig. - November 26, 2021

Saelig Introduces NanoRanger® NR-01 3.5 Digit DC Nanoammeter

NanoRanger® measures currents from 1nA up to 800mA with a maximum resolution of 10pA. Each instrument is supplied factory calibrated, eliminating the requirement for high-cost precision components, keeping the purchase price low. - October 31, 2021

Saelig Introduces Siglent 2- and 4-Port 4.5/8.5GHz Vector Network Analyzers

The SNA5000A VNAs bring a wide range of RF analysis capabilities for characterizing real-world passive devices, filters and active devices with transmission and reflection measurements such as gain, insertion loss/ phase, electrical length/delay and group delay. - July 23, 2021

Saelig Introduces JRE TVK Isolation Tester for Shielded Enclosures

The JRE TVK Test Verification Set is a complete kit to easily and economically verify the isolation effectiveness of RF Shielded enclosures. - February 18, 2021

Saelig Introduces Multimode Geolocating Abeeway Smart Badge

More than a simple ID card, this tracker is a powerful worker safety and security tool. - January 17, 2021

Saelig Introduces PicoScope PS4000A Series of High Resolution 2/4/8 Channel 20MHz Oscilloscopes

These PC-based PicoScope oscillscopes provide up to 8 channels of 12-bit resolution for performing a wide range of precision measurement tasks on multiple inputs at the same time. - January 14, 2021

Saelig Adds New Rigol DSG3000B Series 6.5/13.6GHz RF Signal Generators

The DSG3000B RF Signal Generator series simplifies high power setup since an external amplifier is not needed. Engineers can generate more complex signals without additional hardware using the modulation schemes supplied in the DSG3000B with both internal and external IQ modulation capabilities. - October 16, 2020

Saelig Introduces Larger ComfilePi Industrial Raspberry Pi Controller

Versatile Industrial Raspberry Pi-based ComfilePi models 7” CPi-A070WR and 10” CPi-A102WR are joined by a 15” version. - July 31, 2020

Saelig Introduces ThunderSync3-16 Universal USB Thunderbolt 16 Port Hub

Probably the world’s fastest multiport USB Hub with transfer Speeds of up to 40Gbits/s; it charges and/or syncs up to 16 USB 3.2 devices simultaneously at Thunderbolt speeds and at up to 2.4A per port. - July 02, 2020

Saelig Introduces Quick-Setup -100dB Attenuation RF/EMI Tabletop Enclosures

SFI High Attenuation Frameless Enclosures are compact, easy to setup and tear down, and offer excellent EMI isolation on the testing benchtop. - May 30, 2020

Saelig Introduces PicoScope 6000E 4-Channel 500MHz Mixed-Signal Oscilloscopes

The PicoScope 6000E 8-channel oscilloscope series has grown to include 4-channel versions, bringing very high speed performance to the 4 or 8 analog channel, 16 digital channel oscilloscope world, with up to 5GSa/s real-time sampling and 4GSa deep memory. - May 28, 2020

Saelig Introduces SSG5000X Series 6GHz RF Analog/Vector Signal Generators

With powerful functions and wide frequency range, the SSG5000X vector signal generators offer excellent performance in phase noise, spectral purity, bandwidth, EVM, and output power, and suit a wide range of application fields. - May 17, 2020

Saelig Introduces PicoScope Automotive Oscilloscopes with Smart Accessory Interfaces

This latest diagnostic PicoScope design retains all the strengths of the existing 4425/4225 automotive scopes but adds smart interfaces for powered and intelligent accessories for increased efficiency. - April 11, 2020

Saelig Introduces Economical SSA3075X-R 7.5GHz Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer

The SSA3075X-R extends the Siglent SSA3000X series to add real-time spectrum analysis capabilities for intermittent and frequency-hopping signals used in commercial communications and 5G applications. - April 09, 2020

Saelig Introduces the Fotric 226B Thermal Camera for Automated, Non-Contact Personnel Temperature Screening

The Fotric 226B’s AI algorithm automatically detects and assesses the temperatures of passing humans to provide instant fever alarms. - March 20, 2020

Saelig Introduces Economical SSA3075X Plus 7.5GHz Spectrum Analyzer

The SSA3075X Plus extends the frequency range of the SSA3000X Plus series to meet the growing spectrum analysis needs for higher bandwidths in testing circuit designs for commercial communications bands and 5G applications. - March 14, 2020

Saelig Introduces PicoScope 6000E 8-Channel 500MHz Mixed-Signal Oscilloscopes

The PicoScope 6000E series brings very high speed performance to an 8 analog channel, 16 digital channel oscilloscope with 5GSa/s sampling and 4GSa deep memory. - February 27, 2020

Saelig Introduces RBD 9103 USB Graphing Picoammeter

This programmable current logger can measure bipolar picoamps to milliamps, with unique features such as 5kV DC voltage isolation. - February 23, 2020

Saelig Introduces Next Generation Aim-TTi 1.5/3GHz RF Signal Generators

The TGR2051/2053 RF signal sources provide exceptional performance with touch-screen operation for improved functionality to support research and development, test and service applications. - February 13, 2020

Saelig Introduces Microrad NHT 3DL Electromagnetic Field Safety Analyzer

Microrad’s NHT 3DL Electromagnetic Field Analyzer is designed to measure electromagnetic fields in both time and frequency domains and in compliance with all the main international standards and regulations. - February 09, 2020

Saelig Introduces ST-5S Smart Tweezers™ for On-board L/C/R Measurements and PCB Testing

This intelligent measurement tool is a new type of handheld LCR meter that can quickly test, identify, and measure board-mounted surface-mount and leaded devices without the need to remove them from a circuit board. - February 07, 2020

Saelig Introduces PicoScope 4-Channel 16GHz Sampler-Extended Real-Time Oscilloscope

The PicoScope 9404-16 brings very high speed performance at less than half the cost of other traditional benchtop solutions with four high-resolution 12-bit channels driven by up to 5TS/s (0.2ps) equivalent-time sampling. - January 26, 2020

Saelig Announces the 2/4-Channel 100-350Hz Siglent SDS2000X Plus Series Oscilloscopes

New series builds on previous 2000X models to bring 200Mpt memory, 10” touch-screen, external mouse/keyboard control, built-in web server, and 50MHz waveform generator. - January 18, 2020

Saelig Introduces Versatile 120W Triple Output Programmable Power Supply for Automated Test Applications

The ABI Programmable Power Supply (PPS) suits a wide variety of test and measurement scenarios and can be automated with ABI’s Ultimate sequencing software. - November 08, 2019

Saelig Debuts New 200MHz DS1202Z-E to RIGOL’s Popular DS1000Z Series Oscilloscopes

1GSa/sec sampling and 24Mpts memory depth make this economical 2-channel scope stand out from the crowd. - November 01, 2019

Saelig Introduces PicoScope 4823 8-Channel Automotive Oscilloscope

The PicoScope 4823 oscilloscope brings eight-channel high-speed performance to vehicle diagnosis. This deep-memory PicoScope provides 12-bit resolution, 20MHz bandwidth, a 256MSa buffer memory, and a SuperSpeed USB 3.0 interface. - July 19, 2019

Saelig Introduces Economical High Quality SAE106S Digital PCB Microscope

High resolution inspection tool with built-in LCD designed for standalone PCB inspection. - June 22, 2019

Saelig Introduces the PCBite System for Precise PCB Probing

This kit holds any size circuit board and features spring-loaded fine tips on stable gooseneck arms for hands-free PCB probing. - June 21, 2019

Saelig Introduces Java-on-a-Chip for Fast Controller Development

The highly integrated Java-programmable JoC Module can replace conventional microcontroller electronics and simplifies hardware design. Direct integration into the application hardware eliminates the need for complex and time-consuming low-level development. - June 02, 2019

Saelig Introduces Economical Versatile Siglent SDL1000X/X-E Series Programmable DC Loads

Four variants of programmable DC loads offer two different resolutions and two power capacity choices (200/300W) with an input range of 150V/30A. - May 03, 2019

Saelig Introduces R5x50 Real-Time 8/18/27GHz Spectrum Analyzers

The new R5550 and R5750 real-time spectrum analyzers have the performance of traditional lab-grade spectrum analyzers at much lower cost, size, weight and power consumption, and can monitor wireless signals in real-time for observing intermittent and frequency-hopped signals. The R5750 version also adds GPS capabilities. - April 05, 2019

Saelig Introduces PicoScope 4 Channel 5GHz Sampler-Extended Real Time Oscilloscope

The PicoScope 9404-05 oscilloscope brings very high speed performance at less than half the cost of traditional benchtop solutions. - March 29, 2019

Economical Siglent SDS5000X 350MHz-1GHz Oscilloscopes Introduced by Saelig

Sampling at 5GSa/s with a standard record length of 250Mpts/channel, this series includes the first 1GHz oscilloscope made by Siglent. The SDS5000X’s impressive waveform capture rate is up to 480,000 frames/sec with multiple powerful triggering modes. - January 30, 2019

Saelig Introduces Flicker Spectrometer to Quantify Light Flicker Measurements

The GL Spectis 1.0 Touch Flicker Spectrometer from Saelig is ideal for categorizing flicker in luminaire design and test, in addition to full CIE photometric and radiometric parameter calculation, LED Binning, Pass/Fail testing, remote control and data transfer, etc. - December 23, 2018

Saelig Introduces USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Isolator for Electrical Isolation of USB Ports

USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Isolators eliminate ground loops and ground potential differences and are ideal for measurement, industrial, automotive and audio technology applications. - December 01, 2018

Saelig Announces Improved Unique Isolated High Voltage 4-Ch 200MHz Oscilloscope

The CS448 is a unique isolated four-channel 200MHz 14-bit oscilloscope designed to measure high voltage, fast slew-rate signals such as those in a full or three-phase power electronic switching bridge. With new 300MHz 200x probes it can now handle 1600V signals to cope with the latest SiC MOSFETs. - November 21, 2018

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