Secrets from Leading Fat Loss, Bikini, Figure and Physique Coach Shared in Online Video Interview

Fat loss remains one of the hottest topics in the fitness industry today. With that in mind, fitness pro John Spencer Ellis and fat loss coach Emile Jarreau discuss their top strategies for building a fat loss fitness business at

Secrets from Leading Fat Loss, Bikini, Figure and Physique Coach Shared in Online Video Interview
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, November 22, 2012 --( Fitness competitions are more popular than ever, which means that more and more people are trying to lose fat and train at a high level. Training clients to get to this peak state is both an art and a science, something that trainer Emile Jarreau specializes in. He shares his fitness business strategies and secrets for coaching for fat loss in a brand-new online interview with fitness professional John Spencer Ellis at

This fun, informative online video shares the best strategies for growing a fat loss, bikini or figure coaching fitness business and learning how to train elite figure competitors. It discusses both the physical and the mental aspects of training for success.

“We can all go online and find all of this information, but it’s the skilled craftsman who is going to make the proper adjustment at the right time to produce that measurable, precise outcome every single time, whether you’re dealing with athletes, models or entertainers who are getting ready for a tour or a photo shoot,” Jarreau said. “We don’t always take account of what our client’s life is like outside of training. We need to get to know work load, stress load, peer group, outside hobbies, everything has to be looked at so that I can make sure that I’m not asking too much of them. The psychology that goes on is really important.”

In the video available at, Ellis and Jarreau discuss hidden secrets that haven’t been widely shared in the fitness industry, the psychology of coaching, taking clients to the next level, different body types for competition and weight loss, finding the right diet and the right work load and more.

“I always tell my clients that they will have times when they’re going to be frustrated,” said Ellis, founder of John Spencer Ellis Enterprises, a fitness and personal development solutions company. “These competitions can be one of the biggest challenges people face in their life, so when I’m working with someone, I emphasize people to notice how their body feels more than how it looks.”

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