Inspiring Poetry of Mabel Burlingham is a Moral Touchstone

Special Edition of Inspirational Poetry by Mabel Burlingham

Inspiring Poetry of Mabel Burlingham is a Moral Touchstone
Tucson, AZ, July 10, 2007 --( In Quietness
An Affirmative Word for More Confident Living
By Mabel Burlingham.
Zeitgeist West
June 2007/48 pages
ISBN 978-0-9796921-0-9-5/paper/$9.95
Inspirational Poetry/Biography

Inspiring and beautiful poetry.
Norman Vincent Peale

About the Book
In Quietness, An Affirmative Word for More Confident Living, authored by Mabel Burlingham (1882-1961) includes 21 poems and prayers first self-published by the author in 1952. This special edition has been updated with photographs and biographical material from the life of the author who was an American intellectual and leading citizen of Syracuse, New York between 1914 and 1960.

The inspirational poetry of In Quietness expresses Mabel Burlingham’s abiding religious faith and her optimistic humanitarian spirit. When it was first published in 1952, her poems were praised by Rev. Norman Vincent Peale and other religious leaders. Mabel Burlingham’s poems express timeless faith:

So close, and yet beyond my sight,
I sense another world
Of Beauty and of Light.
It seems to permeate the earth
And fill the sky,
It floats upon the clouds
As they pass by,
It ripples on the stream
And murmurs in the breeze,
It sings its sweet refrain
From topmost boughs of trees.
It gleams upon the earth,
And hovers in the air,
It glows within my heart—
God’s Love is everywhere!
---Awareness by Mabel Burlingham

This special edition of In Quietness is published in honor of the 2007 dedication of the Burlingham Memorial Park in Syracuse, New York.

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