McCluskey Chevrolet Revs Up Sales with OfficeWatch and Cisco Call Manager

McCluskey Chevrolet increases sales by improving visibility and efficiency with an upgrade to their Cisco Call Manager and the installation of OfficeWatch Telemanagement.

Fort Lauderdale, FL, October 14, 2012 --( When McCluskey Chevrolet, the highest volume General Motors dealership in Cincinnati needed to update their Cisco Call Manager, they contacted Derek Rutter, Sales Specialist at Cincinnati Bell and Technology Solutions (CBTS). Beyond their Cisco upgrade, McCluskey wanted a reporting package that would give the dealership better insight into the overall call volume and tracking of the business.

“We have always been happy with Cincinnati Bell and Cisco,” explains Keith McCluskey, CEO. “They suggested OfficeWatch as a compliment to the sophistication of the Cisco System. It allows us to pool all the data and reports out of the system in an easy, user friendly way. It allows management and team members to be better at what they do.”

The dealership needed OfficeWatch in order to streamline their sales and customer service departments. They used the tracking information to review inbound calls, and to increase their employee’s accountability and improve their ability to monitor their follow-up efforts.

McCluskey was pleased with Rutter’s team, and the speed at which the project was installed. “Cincinnati Bell was seamless. Everything went just as planned. They worked over the weekend and overtime. Everything was on time and on budget. We were very satisfied with their service.”

“Once the engineer was on the phone with Metropolis, he was able to connect OfficeWatch to the Call Manager in 20 minutes,” Rutter recalls. “Metropolis did the rest, and no additional work was needed from our engineers.”

The business development department was able to see an immediate result after the OfficeWatch installation. Department productivity reports were scheduled for delivery via email at 8am each day, and copied to upper management. The employees were empowered to see their results each week, and recognized there was room for improvement as they compared the hours/minutes contacting leads out of a 40 hour work week. They devised new goals for higher productivity, and as they started to realize those gains, saw the direct relationship of increased appointments and car sales.

“The ROI on OfficeWatch is immediate. We picked up enough profit to offset the cost of that right away, and the Cisco upgrade provided us the foundation we needed so the software worked properly,” McCluskey reported. “Inbound and outbound calls are the lifeblood of our business. OfficeWatch gives you a 50,000 sq/ft view 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Who is making calls and who is not becomes very transparent. We are confident we will have a nice impact on our sales.”

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