Genius Pack Introduces a New Kind of Travel: Technology Integrated Suitcases with Extreme Functionality

Genius Pack Introduces a New Kind of Travel: Technology Integrated Suitcases with Extreme Functionality
New York, NY, January 07, 2013 --( Genius Pack is an all new luggage brand that truly revolutionizes the way travelers use travel goods. The brand delivers extreme functionality and innovation with its 17 features patent-pending. Among the many is their signature Laundry Compression Technology™, a newly developed invention to compress laundry contents through an integrated air valve.

“Today in 2013, we live in an age of technology and innovation, and yet we see none of that translated into luggage thus far,” commented Alfred Chehebar, founder of Genius Pack. “There are brands that strive for durability, there are brands that strive for competitive price-points, but there’s no brand out there that strives for functionality and innovation. So for us, building Genius Pack was really a necessity,” Chehebar added.

The Genius Pack collection offers a solution for pretty much everything travelers dislike about luggage. The ground-breaking patents include Laundry Compression Technology™ which compresses your unclean clothing and expels the unwanted air through an air-valve located on the exterior of the bag. Other features include a completely unique interior panel engineered with designated compartments for think-free packing, a station to recharge your cell phone from your luggage, mini pop-out umbrella from top panel of luggage, integrated speaker in the luggage, integrated toiletry kit, 4-wheel spinner set, and more.

“Our innovative features are really what make us proprietary in the marketplace. We spent months and months developing these inventions, testing them, patenting them; we conducted focus groups with travelers from around the world, collecting feedback on the practicality of these features. So, I am pleased to announce a collection which truly reinvents the way we look at luggage,” said Chehebar.

The collection includes: Genius Packer 22” Carry On, High Altitude Flight Bag, Genius Tri-Fold Garment Case, The Entrepreneur, Intelligent Travel Backpack, True Sport Duffle, 28” Extensive Wheeled Duffle, as well as several additional accessories such as the Universal Travel Adaptor, Micro Travel Umbrella, Portable Mobile Charger, and Loud Sound Mini Speaker.

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About Genius Pack:

Genius Pack is a division of Genius Brands LLC. Genius Brands is a privately-held firm specializing in the development of innovative travel goods, day packs and luggage, which was founded by Alfred Chehebar in May 2011. Headquartered in New York City, Genius Brands LLC strives to continuously introduce travel products that eliminate the common nuisances of travel. Previously, Mr. Chehebar has served as VP of Sales for Calvin Klein Luggage at Accessory Network, and has also served as Product Development Manager for Ghurka, American leather-goods brand.
Genius Pack
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Genius Packer 22" Carry On

Genius Packer 22" Carry On

The Genius Packer 22" Carry On boasts a patent-pending Laundry Compression Technology among other genius functionalities.